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For Serious-People who Need Help

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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For Serious-People who Need Help

Let me introduce myself, I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady born to two wonderful parents whom married at the age of fifth-teen years old. Image getting married at fifth-teen and remaining married for fifty-nine years. What a serious decision to make at such a young age. I’m one of four children, the second eldest and I love family. I enjoy writing, reading, playing spades, singing and making people happy.

I make people happy with a smile, a kind word, and showing compassion for them. Helping others is important to me. As a nurse helping, advocating, guiding, serving, and attending to the needs of others is a daily occurrence and it is for serious people who love to meet the needs of others.

I received an unusual phone call from an elderly person and he asked this question, the fish sandwich in my refrigerator how long should it be for I throw it away? It took me a moment to answer because I thought it was an unusual question. As we continued to talk, in the background I heard a voice it was an angry voice, a female yelling,

The female yelling said, “I threw the bleep sandwich away,” I finally asked him, have you opened the foil and smelled the sandwich? The gentleman said, “You mean open now?” of course my response was yes. I finally asked him, who cooks in your home? “My wife,” I paused and said, are you two seriously arguing over a sandwich? If your wife cooks could you lean her way today? If she felt the sandwich was spoiled do you think she could be correct? He chuckled and said “yes.” I thought this was quite unusual but the gentleman was serious.

Business is for serious people, there will be times when unusual situations occur, and questions that may not make sense. There are some people that ask the same question over and over again, if this is you it is ok, we’ll answer it until you get it. I believe it is very significant to allow people to process information at their level. It may take them longer to process, but if they are important to the business then take the time to state your answer in a way one would understand. I believe that business is for serious people. People that enjoy helping others become successful because they are givers if you want to receive open your hand. A tight fist hand can-not receive, open and giving is for serious people.

Thanks for stopping by your comments are appreciate, click the link and join my blog.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-For serious-People  


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