Education-Courses That Change Your Directions


Education-Courses That Change Your Directions

Education-Courses that change your directions
Carolyn Coleman-Grady
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Education-Courses that change your directions

Hi Carolyn Coleman-Grady here. I had a thought today, how many people start out going one direction and change courses abruptly? On my drive home, a car driving leading the traffic decided to abruptly change the course of direction. It was quick, swift and very jerky. It made me wonder how often our lives change courses right in the middle of the stream.
Abrupt changes in our lives leads to confusion, frustration and irritation. Have you every driven on the wrong street or road, it seems you have landed in another world, lost and can’t find your way out. It is so frustrating, or when you go into a mall or movie its’ light outside, but when you come out its dark, and you have forgotten where you parked. It causes such irritation. We all have those moments.
Sometimes, we get off course because we just can handle directions. Even then we become frustration, and confused. I recall driving thru to a city that was over one hundred miles from my home, music playing, air conditioner blowing, and I’m singing away. Suddenly my navigation system directed me to turn left, I decided to follow.  I noticed it became hotter and hotter, and the air conditioner was not as cool as it was. All of a sudden I see a sign, “the Mohave Desert,” I have turned and changed the course of my directions and frustration and irritation began to travel with me in the desert. No one on the road but me, dirt and mountains everywhere, and I were lost.
 I tried the cell phone no one answered, it became a nightmare. I traveled and wow a car, so I drove as fast as I could just to keep up with the car in front of me. I finally get to a junction to my right Johannesburg, to my left a town I’ve never heard of, now mind you I’m in California so these cities were foreign to me. As I talked this thing out to myself, Here’s the dialogue, “you are not going to Johannesburg so you are going left,” it ended up being the right choose, I finally found the freeway I never should have turned off. I was so frazzled, I vowed to my relatives, I’ll never go again, and I was traumatized hot and irritated. The moral of this “what I call a tragedy for me.” 
Sometimes in our business endeavors we stray off course, we get the idea we know it all and can function on our own, but indeed this is not the best choose, get guidance, run your decision by an expert that knows a little more than you, discuss the change openly because after all it’s not worth getting dumped into the Mohave Desert spending half the day trying to work your way out. Get education on your business, stay the course and watch, you’ll be victorious just you wait and see.
Hey thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my story by the way it is true, I have not returned to my relatives, love them dearly, but they have to pick me up before I travel that road again. J

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Education-Courses that change your direction 

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