Oscars-And The Oscar Goes To


Oscars-And the Oscar Goes To

Oscars-An the Oscar goes to
Carolyn Coleman-Grady
Better Web Builder

Oscars-And the Oscar Goes To
The Oscars is an American Academy Award that recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry (en.eikipedia.org)
I decided today The Oscar goes to two my affiliates each of them receive the Oscar for excellence. The team acknowledgement is my way of thanking them for allowing me to help achieve dreams. Team work is a great concept if you have the right team.
Teams with cohesive relationships last longer, communicate and work diligent to ensure the teams’ needs or met. I love groups, just like the committee that determines which film and host will participate in the Oscars. It takes strategies to build great teams endurance, and longevity is key components.  
The team I have discuss issues, provide input on what works, we encourage each other and build one another up. When mistakes occur we acknowledge the mistake and move on. Some teams like to sabotage one another’s effort when in fact this tactic will destroy a team.
Teams must work together in network marketing. Groups grow by helping each other understand important concepts. Team decide together to meet in the conference rooms to learn and strategies. For example, webinars, teams decide to attend, and then meet together to discuss new services, products, and ways to generate streams of income based on the information received. The team I serve is very supportive, and provides great input. Once you’ve found the team that works help, support, and make yourself available to them.
I’m available to ensure that information I receive about my independent business is passed on to the team. I love to share concepts that work. When a team member is identified as hard working, and diligent the team reaps the rewards. Of course there are individual rewards as well. I’d like to present the Oscar today to Team Rhino of Better Web Builder great job. Remember your dreams are achievable when you believe.
Thank you for reading my post today.
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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Oscar night

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