Event-Festival which Excites the Masses


Event-Festival which Excites the Masses

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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Event-Festival which Excites the Masses

Every significant event that takes place in our lives is set to some kind of music.
Peabo Bryson

            Good morning everyone, I’m so happy you stopped by today. Peabo Bryson a famous singer wowed us with his great sound, and smooth voice. He and Regina Belle sang a beautiful song “A whole New World,” beautiful. Some of the lyrics included a new face, unbelievable lives, new horizons to pursue, new fantastic view, chasing newness, sharing this whole new world with you.

            An event, that excites the masses through sounds of music bringing smiles across the globe. When I focus on a whole new world, I can see new concepts, and new way of thinking. People gather together who are able to see past the faults of one another. Could you image a new horizon ahead of you glistening, that is indescribable but yet you can’t wait to share this whole new world with others?

            Chasing newness is a concept unimaginable. It brings excitement like opening a well-deserved gift.  Gifts are wrapped so beautifully, nice bow, ribbon and you remove it ever so neatly, trying to save the wrap. With amazement you peak inside and it is an event that excites the masses.

            Business is a whole new world, how do you keep the excitement, and not lose the event.

  1. 1.    Make a conscientious to bring newness daily
  2. 2.    Focus only on the positive (you can only peek for 5 seconds on the negative) because you may need to make a change.
  3. 3.    Be amazed and expect something great to happen daily
  4. 4.    See your goal and image being there
  5. 5.    Share your excitement with others, it will motive and encourage them to continue moving forward

I believe it is your event and what you make of it is important. Who wants to attend an event or festival which lacks excitement, fun, freshness, colors, and people? Clowns put on newness, fresh make-up, a costume with the intent to excite and bring joy to the masses. Business should be like this, not so serious, you can still have fun and make residual income all at the same time.

Business has new horizons to chase and the game has strategic moves we must learn. Like checkers we survey the board, everyone wants the black checkers. We make moves that startle the opponent, and we enjoy the game.

  1. 1.    Enjoy
  2. 2.    Laugh
  3. 3.    Smile a little
  4. 4.    Breath

It is a whole new world out there on the internet and as it evolves, and new concepts develop just ride the horizon and move with the sound of music after-all It is an event-festival that excite the masses.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady- Exciting the masses



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