Chocolate-Sweet Intentions



Chocolate-Sweet Intentions

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Better Web Builder

Chocolate-Sweets Intentions

My greatest strength is common sense. I’m really a standard brand – like Campbell’s tomato soup or Baker’s chocolate.
Katharine Hepburn

            Common sense how does one measure common sense? Common is defined by Merriam-Webster as, sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

            Katharine Hepburn felt her greatest strength was common sense, a characteristic that many find difficult to perfect. Sound and prudent judgment involves putting some thought to a situation. It takes careful sensible sound judgment to decide on anything.

            Take a food menu, we enter the restaurant, seated by the host, the waiter or waitress arrives, and asks what may I get for you today/this evening? As we review the menu a decision must be made. How many times does our mind change before we make a simple decision like ordering food?

            When the desert menu comes it starts all over again, chocolate, ice cream cookies or pies it doesn’t matter, we all discuss and say what are you ordering and the saga begins again. We have so much fun laughing and talking and running ideas around the table I would not miss these moments.

            Here’s something funny, when my family decides to go to out to eat, finding a place is no brainier. Once we arrive you should see the 14 of us trying to decide where to sit. We must consider who’s right handed or left handed because their arms will hit each other, so we play musical chairs before we sit down. It reminds me of the Griswold’s on Christmas Vacation.

On a serious note many people don’t have common sense, like allowing someone to enter a door before you, or offering your seat, letting someone go before you in the grocery store or opening the door for someone who is wheelchair bound. Common sense causes you to observing when others are having a bad day and need some encouragement. It is the little things that make common sense.

 Yes we make major decisions like purchasing a home but even then you must have common sense to know if the house cause 700,000 dollars and your house note is 4000 dollars a month and you are struggling to pay your mortgage, and you decide to buy a brand new car why? Common sense should whisper in your ear not now, it is too much, wait I’ve been there before not fun.

            Thank God we get a second chance to do it right. Common sense includes sensibility, marked by sound judgment. I know we miss the mark sometimes and hopeful we never miss on that one again. People have the best intentions but everyone needs a little reminder now and then.


            Here are a few tips for exercising your common sense

  1. 1.    Reflection take time to really look at what you are doing
  2. 2.    Don’t make hasty decisions and move to quickly
  3. 3.    Discuss your intent with people you trust
  4. 4.    Investigate first what, why, where and when
  5. 5.    Do you have the time needed to invest
  6. 6.    How much money will it take from your household budget
  7. 7.    What are the effects of your decision

When I decided to Join Better Web Builder, my brother spoke to me for three days, he explained for days the reasons why this business made sense. I had a host of questions after all, if I joined; I wanted to my own commitment otherwise what was the use of me joining?

We have to be intentional in decision making, and sometimes it takes old fashion common sense. Like joining IBOTOOLBOX, it just makes sense to get involve with this platform. It is a no brainer a simple concept that brings great results. Between IBO and BWB I love them both, and it just makes sense.

Thanks for stopping by make the best of your day after all it is a common sense day J

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Chocolate intentional day


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