Victorious-Powered Beyond Measure


Victorious-Powered beyond measure

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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 Victorious-Powered Beyond Measure

 Carolyn Coleman-Grady

 Better Web Builder

 Being Victorious

In order to become victorious you must have faith in yourself. No matter what others think or say about you, your choice if victory.

In today’s world competition, what you have and possess causes others to align with you. In my opinion this does not last. Once everything is gone or illness hits your life then you find yourself alone and afraid.

I believe one must view themselves as brilliant, able to build and edify others. Yes you might say self-motivation is the answer and for some yes it is. But for many motivating others and finding those great qualities inside them builds and encourages greatness.

Muhammad Ali always said, “I’m the greatest, no one can stop me, I killed a rock today, he motivated his strength, courage and confidence everyday just by telling himself how great thou art. Is it cocky so may think so, but he never showed us a side that said, you are nothing to the masses.

I believe it is important to find ways to be victorious, some of us believe God causes us to be victorious that would be me, others find it in helping and sharing information with others and there are those who speak to many on ways to motivate yourself.

I want to motivate you today by providing you with inspiring words to use daily.

  1. I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me
  2. I am the apple of His eye
  3. When I’m weak my God makes me strong
  4. There is nothing under the sun than has not be done before
  5. I’m amazing,
  6. I’m kind, meek, honest, loyal, dedicated and motivated to complete the task at hand
  7. I’m likeable and will like others.
  8. I have the joy of the Lord today and want to share my joy
  9. I’m willing to help those in need because I desire too
  10. I’m a loving, wonderful person and I know others will see me for who I am

You may come up with other motivators but these are some that I wanted to share with you today.

I saw the movie Act of Valor Saturday and it made me think if these men are protecting country and risking their lives on a daily bases then how dare I wake up angry, and mad at the world because things are not looking so bright for me right now. How dare I not share a smile with someone hurting today, and how dare, I not share a portion of me that could change the lives of others. How dare me!!!!

Thanks for stopping by today: I hope this blog motivates the kindness in you and remember you are great and others deserve to see how great you are.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Power Measured Victoriously


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