Go TO-Amazing Race



GO TO-Amazing Race

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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GO TO-Amazing Race

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
Albert Einstein

            The amazing race includes getting up and moving. Reaching towards the goals you’ve set.

Limits, defined as the final, utmost, or furthest boundary or point as to extent, amount continuance, procedure, (dictionary.reference.com).

            When we go to the boundaries of our limits and place a halt sign there something happens to our confidence. There are areas in our lives were boundaries are needed. For example, additive behaviors, and abuse just to name a few.

There are even business boundaries, dishonest, unethical, lack of integrity and walking the line. However, limiting yourself from going to amazing opportunities is not advised.

Accepting our limits and going beyond them comes from our critical thinking side, seeing beyond our potential and challenging our abilities.

If Kobe of the Lakers does not push himself beyond his maximum potential the possibility to become a franchise would not exist. Albert Einstein spent many hours he would not have developed the Theory of Relativity. If Cecil B. Demille gave up on his project Ten Commandments with Charleston Heston this film may not exist.

There are many examples we could share. Limiting you potential comes from the fear to success. Many of us go to the door of success but never go in.

Have you ever had someone you know say go? Sure you have. But, then there are those wonderful friends and family members who’ll say no don’t go it won’t work. The question I have is what do you think about your own potential and will you go beyond your maximum potential?

Many of us stop and start, stop and start this is such a cycle. It causes so much confusion.

So today you we will not talk about our limits, we will stand with full confidence and we will decide today to go beyond our maximum potential to reach success.

I believe you are important and each time you accomplish a new adventure get happy about it share your wonderful experiences with others.

I had an experience yesterday, that through me for just a moment, it dealt with college tuition. The cost of college is enormous. Parents are scrambling for grants, loans and financial aid. Many of us don’t qualify and it is very frustrating. Well, with the entire no’s I received yesterday, I and one of my college sons could have folded and fell apart, given up and thrown in the towel. We decided not to give up, push forward and keep shifting until we find what is necessary to maintain his college travels.

Business is the same way, if it doesn’t work in one hour many people throw in the towel and decide not to go any further. It takes time to build, grow and establish relationships. Steady the course, move forward and stretch beyond your potential. Go to the mountain top and yell if you need to but come down with energy, a clear perspective, and a peace that passes all understanding.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-GO To-Amazing Race


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