Be Patient-What is the hurry



Be Patient-What is the hurry

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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Be Patient-What is the hurry

          Everyone ought to bear patiently the results of his own conduct.
William Shakespeare


            Have you ever had someone say bear with me have patients I’ll be with you in a moment? How does that make you feel?

            Sometimes our reactions can cause a scene and the results could be embracing. Being patient is a skill, it must be exercised daily.

            Bearing patients also deals with consequences. Working hard every day on your business then expect your diligence to reap rewards. Procrastinating putting things off expect poor results.

            A fisher man sits on the edge of the bank waiting patiently to catch fish, and suddenly he fills a tug on the line but he waits because it needed to be sure it was truly a tug or the current. He discovers after pulling the line up the fish was indeed on the line. The results no fish, ½ eaten bait so he waits again with his line in the water but this time night draws and the one fish he hooked got away.

            Be patient and expect good outcomes, don’t be patients and not believe in what you are doing.

            Business is sometimes like this. It can take years to make things happen. However, the patients you needed for this is trusting in what you are doing and know it will work.

            When children place blocks on the floor and stack them, they watch with anticipation how high the blocks will grow. They believe the blocks will never fall. They believe in the building of the blocks. As a child when the blocks fall children cry. When our business fall we cry but once we realize starting over is an option the patients falls into place again.

            Internet marketing is not easy, there is much to learn and absorb. Mistakes will happen along the way but be patient, don’t fret step back regroup and begin again.

            “A polar bear waits patiently at the edge of a sheet of ice. Suddenly, the bear jumps forward and grabs a seal from the frigid water. But there is danger underfoot. The Arctic ice-the polar bear’s main habitat-is melting. The Artic is the region around the North Pole” (Weekly Reader, Edition 4. 2004)

            Polar bears wait for their food. They know that eventually seals and other fish will come eventually for feeding.

            Imagine yourself a polar bear waiting patiently for food and as you wait a school of seals arrive just in time for you to eat.

            Be patient what is the hurry, this is your independently business, work it every day and enjoy every moment.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady~Be Patient [what is the hurry]


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  1. Nice work Carolyn and a nice blog site. Patience is a hard thing for me to weave into my business & personal life but when I do I make more money & have better relationships with people. Patience,humility & balance are key ingredients in life for me.

    • Thank you themarketing, exercising patients is a daily workout. Observe your self this week and see if you cross the line of patients. I’ve tried this and boy how often I became impatient. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your time as well.

  2. This is an intelligent article because we have to be patient in whatever we are doing. Also we must be intelligent followers as well but just because an activity worked for one of our mastermind members, does not mean that it will necessarily work for us.

    We have to test the task out and see if it works. Another thing is that we have to set goals with deadlines. There is an old saying that a goal without a deadline is a dream.

    What would you be easier to do, to continue floundering in your daily life or to follow the footprints of successful people?

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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