Flavors-A List of Flavors to Excite your Mind



Flavors-A List of Flavors to Excite your Mind

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Better Web Builder

Flavors-A List of Flavors to Excite your Mind


“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor. Truman Capote quotes

What flavor are you using in dealing with perspective prospects? Here is a list of flavors to enhance the spices in your business:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Hot sauce
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon
  • Water


Sugar, indicates a sweet demeanors, kind, understanding and willing to embrace ideas on success. It mixes with anyone its’ flavor puts a smile on the faces of many. Sugar is a necessary ingredient to sweeten any situation.

Salt brings strength to the table. The salt of the earth that’s’ those who preserve. A salty flavor also enhances the flavor. Remember the movie Salt with Angelina Jolie a CIA agent who goes on the run when a Russian defector convinces her superiors that she’s double agent sent to assassinate the President. She had to preserve her life, status and position. The multiple trials she experienced along the way she flavored them with her salty attack. In the end she prevailed and did not fail. Salt an ingredient that enhances the taste of anything.

Vinegar is used for many things, house hold products for cleansing, and as a wound cleanser. Its acetic acid and water its fermenting properties creates a flavor so tantalizing it will spice the situation with energy. The smell of vinegar will draw. When we smell this product we walk and say “I smell vinegar where is that smell coming from,” it draws you right to the source. Business needs a vinegar flavor to spice and walk it up.


 Hot sauce wow an experience you’d won’t want to miss. This will move your business and quickly. Hot businesses that take of a life of its’ own you can travel and return and find your business still exploding. Your hard work has paid off.  Hot sauces jump starts your business. Failure is not in the plans of this sauces mix. It gets people moving. Put a spicy twist in your business and watch it begin to grow.

Vanilla I did not know that vanilla is a flavoring derived from orchids of the genus vanilla, primarily from the Mexican species (Wikipedia). Vanilla also enhances, it brings other flavors forward. It sooths the mixture, and its smell is used in multiple products like lotions. Now, according to the Urban dictionary, vanilla is unexciting, normal conventional and boring (www.urbandictionary.com). This definition surely defines many internet marketing systems. Unexciting no one seems interested, lacks of communication between teams members or affiliates, no one shows up to the webinars the team is dead, and this can lead to failure.

Lemon has a citrus flavor that enhances the flavor of other ingredients it freshens any situation. It cleanses the mind and rejuvenates. Everyone needs a flesh lemon or two. When we eat lemon heads it causes mouth to twinge it provides a tart like taste. It means some will like your business, and some will not. Keep moving forward offering your flavor to everyone because failure is not an ingredient that mixes with anything.

Water what a soothing, reviving and restoring liquid. It brings life and freshness too. It can be used to cool situations down and bring clarity. It provides cleansing of unclean business dealings. Water brings new growth, over watering will drown the business. It is important to give your team enough information to begin, and continue, watering them as needed and not contributing to their dry out.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Flavors-A List of Flavors to Excite Your Mind


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