A Masterpiece-In Living Color



A Masterpiece-In Living Color

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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A Masterpiece-In Living Color

I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people, who live what they teach, who walk their talk.
Tony Robbins

Bravo, bravo as the hands continue to clap let us give life a standing ovation. I challenge you today join the ranks of people who live what they teach, and talk.

The Challenge: Walking your talk and living life. How is this done? How do we


Balance, what we do, and say? Good question the answer varies.  Beliefs,


attitudes, values and customs play a performance role in what we say and do.


Attitudes will paint a masterpiece, or hide the colors’ in your life.



To prepare a masterpiece get past the bad habits. Habits that were developed long time ago will destroy a masterpiece. Values and customs come in many colors. It brings unique and special tones to the designing piece. The creative wonders lie deep inside your heart and mind. Values and customs could hide the colors which desire to come out.


In nursing it is important to assess the belief system of families. It allows a nurse to assist the family in moving towards change. Often times this is challenging. Family customs, values, attitudes and behaviors can hinder outcomes. I believe it is the same in our businesses, and lives.


Making a spectacular experience that will change the course of your business is one key that will unlock a masterpiece in your life.  Behind every great masterpiece are visions, and ideas, a masterpiece in living color.  The business at hand is developing a vision that stretches your creativity.

When a masterpiece is prepared the painter gathers needed equipment, isles, paint, various sizes of paint brushes. The room is set with an atmosphere of colors. There is music that soothes the mind while the artist prepares to dazzle the world. Life develops on canvas speaking to the hearts of followers. As the artist begins he looks out an open window and captures a moment in time that would splash beautiful colors across the canvas and behold what was once a vision mingles with life in living color.


An artist speaks life into a painting, beliefs values and customs often come through a masterpiece.  The life of your business begins a vision. Speaking what you teach and walking in what you say are important. The masterpiece of ethics, character, and honesty are areas to review. It is the preparation that leverages your business. What masterpiece are you developing today?


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Carolyn Coleman-Grady- A Masterpiece-In Living Color


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