Framework-Keeping negative thoughts out of your minds framework



Framework-Keeping negative thoughts out of your minds framework

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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Framework-Keeping negative thoughts out of your minds framework


Anything that happens that’s good, they think, Oh, it’s an accident, when is the roof caving in? You’ve got to get them out of that mental framework.
Dick Butkus

Chicago’s Dick Butkus –a kinetic intelligence body coordinated bear.   Dick Butkus intimidating fierce machine an unstoppable force on the football field leaving his opposition filled with confusion in their mind that their game plan was destroyed.  In their minds what was heard was the name Dick Butkus.  The mental framework of the opponent was destroyed before the game. This is the impact that Dick Butkus possessed on the field.

When things happen that are good except the good and run with it. Butkus prepared his mind for before every game. The roof did not cave in on him. He prepared body and mental strength.  Body strength important it is necessary to endure the challenges of the game. The game of business is the same. Preparation, style and deliverance or additional keys to business success, and developing a strong mental framework is includes knowledge, courage and trusting in your abilities.

A great thinking framework is the challenge of the day. Stimulating the way we think and move in this world dependent on our mental framework. If the roof caves in will you cave with it? The challenge is training your mental framework daily. 

Now according to Gardner (1989), he expanded the definition of intelligence he defined seven type of intelligence. Logical, and Mathematic intelligence, Linguistic intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence, Personal Intelligences and Interpersonal and Intrapersonal intelligence and each of us incorporate more than one of  these at one time (Gardner,1989).

Dick Butkus obviously possessed bodily-kinesthetic and many of the others at that same time. It takes strength and coordination to tackle the other players and bring them down. It took logical thinking to understand the plays of their team and anticipate the moves of the opponent.

The challenge today is to determine your special gift and strengthen the skills you possess. In business you’ll need the ability to communication your linguistic intelligence must include the command of language. You must be able to speak with people. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills are needed in developing relationships. Spatial intelligence deals with the ability to see mental images and learn. You can interpret shapes. Each of us has special gifts just tap into them and grow.

Things that happy good should and it does not mean when the roof caves

In, it should have.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady –The Framework


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    • Thanks Coach. I appreciate you following. Most of the information is problem directly related to me what I needed to here to keep my anchored. This morning when I awake I heard the word framework and mind keeping focus. So I just started writing.

      • I need to start writing down the thoughts I have, I may not always have time right at the minute but if I write it down I can do it later.

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