[Change]-Making room and expecting the best


 [Change]-Making room and expecting the best

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Better Web Builder

[Change]-Making room and expecting the best

“We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box.   Robert Fulghum


I love this quote choose the crayon you’d like to be and tell why. I believe I move from color to color depending on the situation. As a nursing associate administrator there are days which sharp becomes priority. For example as it relate to attire, a business meeting dictates a sharp dress a style that will bring attention to you if you are the leader of the business meeting, a style that commands an audience.


Sharp also involves a tone. It depends on the situation your voice may need to hit a sharp note if you are a singer or a sharp no to our children when dangerous circumstances occurs like touching a fire. Sharp is necessary and it fits inside the crayon box.


Pretty now I like this one, colors of life are pretty, cultural colors bring bright, eloquent flavor the world. Business embraces everyone and so should we. Learning to work together increases our business success like on [IBOTOOLBOX] there are recommended guidelines that include commenting, rating on blogs, liking, and sharing business content like ads. Make you websites attractive to both men and women it will broaden your audience.


Dull wow, how many of us fall into this one? Dull indicates someone who is not lively or spirited, listless not bright (dictionary.com).   Everything looks dismal there is no hope it just won’t work. Is this you? I can admit, on occasion I have been dull about a situation and just could not see a new change coming. Internet Marketing can be exciting, adventurous and bright. It will require self-examination. Once you’ve moved all of the clutter from your thoughts the bring kicks in and the light comes on.



Weird names, there is room for them as well, just like the weird names of crayons. The Crayola Company has changed color names over the years and it has not affected the product. For example, in 1958, Prussian blue was renamed Midnight Blue. The color known as Flesh was renamed Peach in 1962, partially in response to the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. Indian red was renamed Chestnut in 1999 due to concern that some children thought the crayon color represented the skin color (Wikipedia.org).

We all have to learn to leave together like the box of crayons they make it fix.


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Carolyn Coleman-Grady- [Change] – Making life a little easier.


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