Greatest Moments-What is your story

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Greatest Moments-What is your story

Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.
Wayne Dyer
Story we’ve all read many, told tells the move people from one page to another, we’ve laughed, cried and even yelled.  Those wonderful moments of greatness lives in us all.  I can recall when my eldest son was born it was amazing a small bundle of joy and I did not know what to do with him. I was young and unsure of myself.  But as time will do knowledge begin to creep in and the innate mothers’ instinctive knowing kicked into fast mode. The story progresses into 2 additional sons who amaze me every day.

Some stories are joyous and there those which bring up dark hours.  The stories that face you toward great moments should lead the way.  It is like the three bears.  You know it is something significant in this story.  First family decides to take a stroll together and as they leave the home an intruder enters into their dwelling place and invades their space.  The story ends with the family coming home wondering who had been inside their home.  Although it has been told many times and for many years to children all over this world, one would wonder the real meaning indicates from the writer perspective.

Robert Southley wrote this story back in the 1800s.  It was told orally and as a cozy family story to his nephew. The story involved an intrusive old crotchety woman but over the years it changed to a young girl named Goldilocks.  Southley (1837) describes these bears as trustworthy, tidy, harmless, hospitable, and good natured (wikepedia).

“Southley (1837), describes the old women in a hoarded light.  He states, she had a foul mouth and ugly dirty and a vagrant deserving of a correction house” (wikepedia).

The words use to describe the old women paints an image much different from Goldilocks.

Stories told change as they are told.  The greatest moments in each of our lives may begin with dark beginnings but they progress into tails that leave wonderful trails.  The stories we develop along the way in business, coaching and mentoring will change as time permits.  But, the greatest moments within the words whether orally or written is the impact it leaves on the listener.

Tell your story and share those exciting moments that impresses the lives of others.


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