Collide-A great impact






Collide-A great impact

Carolyn Coleman-Grady



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Collide-A great impact

The basic (theme) is the past catching up with the present; it’s how the actions of one affect others in ways you could never know. We find out how these (characters’) choices collide.

Howard Wilson

The impact of unemployment and economic collapse collide we experience a great impact that could affect the lives of our families in an enormous way.  Past mistakes and bad decisions catch up with the presence and attempt to destroy the future. Themes like debt, bad credit and bankruptcy plays the tunes of defeat in our ears.  Its’ impact can destroy dreams.

Multiple oppositions meet at the table early to discuss the devastating financial effects affecting your family but, in walks hope.

Hope brings in a force of impact that disperses colliding opposition and reads collapse its formal eviction notice.  Hope takes charge and points the opposition to the door with it’s’ themes and scripts.  Hope changes the direction of opposing forces and causes them to stand at attention and see who is in charge.  Hope pulls you up, dust off the cobwebs and redresses your situation.  It provides you with a new coat, hat and shoes.  The impact of colliding forces of unemployment and economic devastation can’t take residence at your bargaining table because hope stamped your theme with approval.

British recording artist Leona Lewis sings about Colliding “know that you are never alone, when you are in familiar places count on me with life changes.”  I believe that when life throws a curve ball and the opposition of economic catalytic collision affects our lives hope becomes the driving force that keeps us together.

What opposition protests your success? Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.  Many of us possess a defeated attitude and loss sight of the opportunities that deserve our attention.  The attitude of the opposition is negative and misleading.  It can disguise the truth about the success you so desire.  The most important behavioral change is attitude.  Negative and positive thoughts collide and create a forceful impact that will change the course of your success.  Your business is important. The success of your business depends on you.  Business has intermittent challenges, the effects of those challenges requires strategic planning. Make a difference in your life and join an independent business. Become an owner today.  Don’t allow unemployment, lose wages, and bankruptcy prevent you from developing a new plan, and a new attitude.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady



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