The Cats in the cradle-The cat’s eye





The Cats in the cradle-The cat’s eye

Carolyn Coleman-Grady



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The Cats in the cradle-The cat’s eye

I love this song by Harry Chaplin.  His lyrics touch the heart of many fathers.  Taking time out with family is just what a home based business will afford you.  Finding the time to spend time with family is so important.  The cats in the cradle with a silver spoon they had everything they needed because this dad provided and made provisions.  The sadness came when dad did not have time for his son and then as his son became a man his life changed as well limiting his interaction with dad.

Home based business will reduces the stress of not spending time with family.  The advantages of a home base business include regulating your time.  Organizing your day where it will not interfere with family.  The family needs will be met.  You’re able to develop your own work hours.  Balancing acts will disappear and your time clock is the one you develop. Home based businesses are amazing and can be very lucrative.

Procrastination deals with putting off or delaying priority.  Business owners are not to delay important webinars, calls, or getting back with affiliates who need the help.  There are some things in home based businesses that require our immediate attention.  “Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but 20 percent of people chronically avoid difficulty tasks to avoid taking care of the immediate, and deliberately look for distractions” (

“The most impressive people I know are procrastinators.  So could it be that procrastination isn’t always bad?” (Graham, 2005).

Graham believes that there are three forms of procrastination:

  1. Nothing
  2. Something
  3. More important

On review of Grahams’ information the more important is considered a good procrastination variant.  Graham believes that putting off small things and working on more important things is still considered procrastination.

Graham offers interesting concepts and in my review he suggests that to procrastinate is both good and bad.  The best decision made is when you priorities your work which leaves the other task dormant until tackled.

To get started in a home based business whether you procrastinate or note you will have to begin by completing the join form and logging into your member area and it may not be the best decision to procrastinate on learning how to access, and utilize your new business tools.

Set up your home business today don’t procrastinate, prioritize your time so the family will not suffer.  Focus on the future and share your procession so the family will see the benefits.

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The Cats in the cradle by Harry Chaplin enjoy the video

Carolyn Coleman-Grady


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  1. Procrastination = you prefer familiar comfort over success.

    That is absolutely undeniable and one of the major blockages many have when it comes to asking ‘Why aren’t I successful? Why am I travelling the same road and getting the same results?’ It’s all about taking the first step toward freedom and that first step is the initial step you take out of your comfort zone. Once you’ve taken it, the rest flows easily and effortlessly.

  2. Comment from Judy Dick
    Carolyn you did a great job here. So many procrastinate and the reason is because they’re comfortable remaining in familliarity. Fear is a major cause as to why people don’t move forward and yet when they finally do, they’re astonished at the ease.
    Thank you Judy

  3. Comment from Cheryl Hess
    One of the things I love about having a home-based business is that I am able to put my family first and my life is so much more in balance because of this! Great post – I’m sharing on twitter!
    Thank you Cheryl

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