Piano Sheet Music-The melodies of your heart




Piano Sheet Music-The melodies of your heart

Carolyn Coleman-Grady



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Piano Sheet Music-The melodies of your heart

The sheets of music flowing so smoothly in my mind caused me to recall this wonderful song “My heart will go on from the Titanic.”  Celine Dion sings a beautiful melody which warms the hearts of many.  The melody you sing will direct every aspect of your life including your business dealings.

The passion of life is directed as a sheet of music directs the pianist.  The keys of a piano rhythmically illuminate the room with sultry sounds that soothe the soul. Imagine the keys of a piano representing people, connected side by side join together helping the melodies of this wonderful world travel from coast to coast.  The musical sheets of sound resonates a crowded room moving the imagination through every note with a smile.  The melodies of your heart embrace the tingles felt through music.

The navigating bars excite the mind as the streams of sharp notes demands attention.  In the Titanic in the mist of devastation a love story developed bringing hope, strength and endurance.  Tragedies and devastations make life changes and often times our lives can become dull like the keys of a piano.  The sounds of our heart require tuning to restore its sound.  A pianist sits before piano keys with confidence knowing each key has been checked for accurate sounds. When the keys of our lives have changed sounds get retuned.

The written melodies of our heart will spill over to others.  What song would you like them to hear?  The soothing sounds that calms a situation or the angry wrath which will send the people running from your performance.  My heart will go on despite the lost, tragedies and disappointment.  I believe in the movie Titanic the lost love of Rose caused sadness, and despair but she decided to go on with her life embracing the memories and melodies of her heart.  The words of music are significant to the melodies it illuminates.

How does this tie into business? I’m glad you asked.  The instructions you provide must be in tune with the mission statement of your business.  You must provide direction like each note directs the melodies of a song, the voice behind the words are believable and true.  The sounds of each key are authentic and are heard even within the melody of a song.  The explanation you provide must be authentic and true. The sheet music you plan will provide important key components of your business keep yourself informed.  Educate yourself on new products and benefits of the business. Retune your melody and make it sound resonate a crowded room and in the end you will receive a standing ovation.

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For your enjoyment I have provided “My Heart Will Go On” Celine Dion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNIPqafd4As

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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