The Platinum Package






The Platinum Package

Carolyn Coleman-Grady



Better Web Builder


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill

The Platinum Package


I am an independent business owner of Better web builder.  BWB as we like to call it has launched a new Platinum package.  This Platinum package is for both the novice and expert.  This special feature is available for purchase today.  This special deal is just for you.  It can be used in both an existent primary and a grand opening new business.


The Platinum package is a MLMs’ dream.  Better Web Builder is interested in your success.  The Platinum package will increase your business knowledge in advertising, running ads, utilize key words, promoting your business, and provide you with the necessary tools to help your business grow. This package was developed because we care about your business.     Better Web Builder is a proven marketing system.  Experts agree that this business moves your primary and existing business to another level.


Nursingaffliate is my primary business it is a boot-camp for nurses.    This company provides theory and clinical training to prepare nurses with transitions from hospital nursing to the world of home-care.  Nursingaffliate converged with better web builder automated marketing system and I would like to offer your business the same opportunity.  This business opportunity is available now.  Take advantage of this amazing package.  Build the business of tomorrow with the help of better web builder automated marketing system.  I believe and so will you.

            There are positive and favorable possibilities offered today to enhance any business.  Our team offers favorable results and we stress positive returns on your business investments.  Pessimistic people are not for this business.  This system is believed to bring dreams to reality.  Sharing this amazing business system with you is exciting.  I appreciate your review. Please join the business that brings dreams to reality.

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Join the business of the future today. 


Thank you Better Web Builder

Carolyn Coleman-Grady- Independent Business Owner

Platinum/ Gold


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