Career Paths-Were life takes you



Career Paths-Were life take you

Carolyn Coleman-Grady



Better Web Builder

Career Paths-Were life will take you if you let it.
Carolyn Coleman-Grady


Better Web Builder


If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.
Benjamin Franklin

Hello everyone, Carolyn Coleman-Grady here.


Today I’d like to introduce “me”.  I am a mother of 3 wonderful sons actually 2 of my sons will graduate this year one from college and the other from high school.  My 3rd son will be a junior in college this year.  I’m a wife married for 21 years and have enjoyed the twist and turns of life with my husband.


Early in life I decided to be a caretaker. At the age of 11 I took care of an elderly female who resided across the street from my family.  Where I grew up the homes were filled with families from multiple cultural backgrounds and we all got along.  This elderly lady hired me for 10cent per day to assist her with activities of daily living i.e. bathing.  I was young but wanted to help.  She was kind and very grateful.


I believe this launched my path to nursing.  I am a Registered Nurse BSN currently working on an advance degree in Nursing.  I have always pride myself on helping others.  I believe it is important to share your skills to enhance, improve and assist to sustain life.


What is significant about my career path its maturity?  I begin this road as a Home Health Aide.  I craved education enough to pursue a License Vocational Nursing license.  I’ve worked in various areas but it still was not enough.  I continued this path to the RN program were the understanding of Nursing began to unfold.  I received my degree in Nursing and believed it was enough education oh how wrong was I.  I found out technology continued to evolve and nurse careers as well.  So, I decided to return to school.

Now, I am pursing an advance degree in Nursing.  I believe my pathway has extensions.  These extensions lead me to Network Marketing.  How strange?  This extension of what I do still revolves around taking care of people.  In my marketing efforts, I still share, care, and assist families.  This assistance involves opening additional doors to financial success.  With the high cost of hospitalization, medications, procedures and treatments, families need extra income.  I decided to get involve with Network Marketing and merge these two entities together.  You’ll be amazed at what I have found.  The secret, it works.


I can continue my passion “Nursing” and connect my Internet Marketing with all the skills I’ve developed over 30 years.  I believe that you can too.  Believe in what you are doing and others will believe in you too.


Thanks for stopping by join my blog


I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Business Owner/Nurse


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  1. Thank you for sharing so fully. You have a wonderful message and I like your sharing and caring approach to marketing. Really, what better reason can we have for sharing all we know than to help others? – and you understand that so wonderfully well. Thank you!

  2. This is an excellent blogpost because you have to have a caring side in order to be successful in helping others achieve their dreams and when a yellow personality shows its caring side for others by finding out exactly what they want and helping them get it. Then they are on their way to building an empire!!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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