Balancing-Balancing acts that could affect your motion


Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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Balancing-Balancing acts that could affect your motion

I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.
Zig Ziglar

Balancing? What does maintain balance mean?  Yesterday a physical therapist described and demonstrated balance.   His demonstration included using a wood stick.  The stick was placed in the palm of his hand.   He balanced the stick and described how the stick was balanced while in motion.  He placed the stick on the table and asked what the sticks action is?  I said balanced and he quickly said at rest.  Movement and motion represent balance when your body is at rest it is motionless.  Once you rise up and movement begins balance continues.

I learned if a spinning top is in motion balance is taking place by its constant movement.  Once the top has stopped it is no longer balanced.  When you think about it, movement balances the body.  Imagine your-self sitting in a chair at the computer if you notice we all lean forward the space between our back is hindered by the back of the chair and it causes an imbalances in our motion.  So, we move our legs, hands, feet constantly while we are in a sitting position.

When we lie down our body is at rest and balance discontinues.  It is when we rise up and move in motion balance takes over.  If you are motionless in your thoughts and activities expect a hindrance in balancing the success of your business.  The motion of your business includes movement.  Movement from one space to the next a constant shift in levels that travel the stairs of success.  We are designed to move and within that movement actions take place to thrust us forward.  At rest the business is motionless; infusing the business with strategic movements like chess will cause us to win.

The goal of balancing is in the performance.  Optimizing and distributing until the balancing is perfected.  Balance is also equated to mental steadiness.  The manner in which you set your thinking determines the balance that follows.  Moving from one thought in sequential form brings balance.  Jumbled thinking renders you motionless.  It is necessary to remove the clutter from your mind and give room to thoughts that move us to goal accomplished outcomes.  There are so many things on our plate it will takes a performance in motion to balance and clear the plate. The space you set move it in motion and stay in balance until the goal is met.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Balancing acts


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  1. Hello Carolyn, you are correct about balancing your life. We come upon a part of our life that will try to overtake another part of the other. We would have to really stay focused and have our priorities in place to get what we want to accomplish in all areas of our lives. As usual, great post. Have a great day!

  2. I agree with this, it took me a while to be able to work,home and spiritual balance, but I got it now. Great blog Carolyn.

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