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Fortune-Trappings of fame


A life lived with integrity – even if it lacks the trappings of fame and fortune is a shining star in whose light others may follow in the years to come.
Denis Waitley

            Adorn yourself with ornamental covering as the horse is adorned with trappings.  An outward expression of your existence how will you adorn yourself today.  There are those who adorn themselves with silver and gold, tattoos, and piercings.  The flavor of your stylish wear expresses a unique framework that defines the precise meaning of your liberal expression.

Webster’s defines trappings as the thing usually associated with something as an outward sign of its existence or presence: an expense account and the other trappings of success. (Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 2010).

            What is the characteristic of your financial portfolio?  Is it adorned with the symbols of success?  How are you trapping success? What does success look like to you?  Can you visualize the trappings of success? Have you adorned and covered success with an ornamental flavor that suspends itself in a time warp?  How does one recover from lacks of trappings and still shine?

            Tough times ahead, fortunes chasing or living a light in the years to come. Tough times come and go it can be seasonal but the frame you set in your mind will determine how you adorn your circumstances and situations.  Financial destruction is often adorned with helplessness, hopelessness and sadness.  Financial success is adorned with signs of breath taking relief and living as a light for others last for years to come. How do we remain successful in life without chasing fortunes?

One suggestion is limited your focus on money.  Focus on building relationships. Get to know people and understand their needs.  Share experiences that improved your financial portfolio with others. The condition you are in right now can change.  Your mental condition will determine the direction of your fortune.  When the gold medalist completes the race he or she is adorned with ornaments that symbolize “winning.”  To win the runner prepares both mentally and physically.  One daily activity to implement in your planning is financial exercise. It means taking a look at your debt. Develop ways to improve your financial picture.  Preparing a log that reflects both incoming and outgoing money.


  There are many ways to develop a system that works.  The internet has templates and budgetary tools to assist you.  The key is getting started.  All of us experience financial changes in our lives at one time or another.  The fortune you design in your mind will last or fly off on the wings of a bird.  Finances are great we all need it.  Share your experiences with others who are struggling.   Shine your light like a star and it will last forever.

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