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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month


Multiple Sclerosis

A  demyelinating decease

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system)

Multiple sclerosis.          MRI of the brain.              Nerve supply to the pelvis.                 Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.             Myelin and nerve structure.


Multiple Sclerosis affects women more than men

Diagnosed between the age of 20 and 40 but can be seen at any age.

Multiple Sclerosis affects the Myelin sheath which protects the nerves, if damaged it lives the nerve unprotected.  An unprotected nerve signal will slow down or stop.

According to A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia, “The nerve damage is caused by inflammation.  The inflammation occurs when the body’s own immune cells attacks the nervous system” (2012).

The nerve damage is caused by inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the body’s own immune cells attack the nervous system. This can occur along any area of the brain, optic nerve, and spinal cord. Have a

Family history of MS or live in a part of the world where MS is more common.

It is unknown what exactly causes this to happen.  The most common thought is that virus or gene defects, or both, are to blame.  Environmental factors may play a role.  You are slightly more likely to get this condition if

you have family history of MS or live in a part of the world where MS is more common.

The most common symptom is gait and coordination. People with MS are at risk for falls and injuries. Symptoms are may be triggered by fever, hot baths, stress and sun exposure.  It is common for the disease to get

worse without periods of remission.

Muscle Symptoms

• Loss of Balance

• Muscle Spasm

•Numbness or abnormal sensation in any part of the body

•Problems moving arms or legs

• Problems with coordination or small movement

• Problems walking

•Tremors in one or more arms or legs

•Weakness in one or more arms or legs

There are other symptoms that affect the body, bowel and bladder incontinence, leakage, and urgency, it affects your eyes, feelings in hands and finger tips.

One of the most important key points is follow-up, recognizing changes in your body and seeking assistance.  Getting involved with the Multiple Sclerosis society keeping updated on new treatments and research and

Discussing your concerns openly with your doctor and family MS is challenging and can contribute to depression.  It is very important that you have support.  There is information available become an advocate for MS.

Today is MS awareness month how will you become aware?

A.D.A.M. Encyclopedia. Multiple Sclerosis (2012) Retrieved from

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Cup-Come have a cup of Java with me



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Faith of our father living still in spite of dungeon and swords, Oh how our heart beats high with joy whenever we hear that glorious word. Faith of our father holy faith we will be true to thee till death. These lyrics come from the song Faith of our father. Many of us have sung this song in past times.  Mother Theresa talks about faith being faithful in the small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Can you imagine your strength lying down in faith and every time you exercise your faith strength wakes up. Building your strength comes in many forms.  There are those who build strength by exercise, pushing themselves and their bodies until they get results.  There are those who power read, and exercise their mind by using critical thinking skill which improve their mental reaction. Sharp thinkers I call them.

Then there are those who want everyone to think for them.  You ask them a question and the reaction you receive is “what, I don’t know.” I wonder why many people don’t like to think?  Is thinking so challenging it runs to the corner and hide.  Let’s go pick up thinking and hold hands until we become one. We have to build our thinking process and not become afraid of the results.  I recently watched an old television series “Dark Shadows” the original version.  There was a dialogue between mother and daughter. They could not seem to see eye to eye.

The daughter became rebellious because she did not want the mother to marry one of the townsmen, she the daughter felt he was not worthy of the mothers hand, so she begin to rebel, dating a rebellious young man who care about nothing.  The young man thought that roaming the world being irresponsible was a way of life and it was ok.  No thought of the future, lacked contribution to society and felt living life as he thought he should is just enough to get by. The question the mother asked “why are you thinking like this, what has come over you, you are smart I don’t know you anymore.”  The daughter response, “I thinking just like you, you never got it right either.”

Wow, I thought, she’s telling her mom “I’m doing exactly what you have done nothing, made bad choices and wondered around in this world thick-headedness. Don’t run around thick-headedness. It will not allow you to think and make the best choice.  If strength lies in faith, as Mother Theresa suggest then exercising a little faith will also promote good thinking too.

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Motivating-Turning up the heat


People needing People

Working together making a difference in the life ob people

  1. turning up the heat and motivate
  2. Turning wants into needs.

Ebenezer Scrooge in the Christmas Carole before he was visited by the 3 ghost was unmotivated.  He was forced to visit his past presence and future.

How do you motivate some-one?  By helping people move away from painful experience.  This will cause them to explore their current challenges and how things are not working.   Let’s explore why Things aren’t working?  Often people continue to perform in the same matter which produces the same results. Let’s explore what will happen if you continue to do what you have done unless you act upon what will work to change the course of your life.

Understand people like people who are like themselves.  If you have figured a way out found a way out you will then be ready to experience change in your life. Let say you mow lawns for a living; you use the old method which is pushing the lawn mower, a bladed mower you’ve always used. The mower you use takes you up to 5 hours to complete the task.  A salesman walking by ask you the following question, “Hey have you seen the new powered lawn mower it will cut your work time down in half?” The gentleman kindly replied oh this one will do, I’ve been cutting this lawn for over 20 years the same way at the same time.  The salesman stated, “Well this new one may not work for you but get back with me when you are ready to change.”

The Salesman leaves his card and moved on.  Some people are not willing to take a look at some think new.  It is challenging for many.  Like Ebenezer Scrooge who lacked motivation continued his cranky old behavior and isolated people until he was given a vision of himself.

There are lots of us that carry the characteristics of Ebenezer Scrooge it was not until the ghost of past, presence and future visited him that his unmotivated ways turned into motivation and a love for life.  Taking a journey through your life visit how debt, living from check to check and working day in and day out for someone else is working for you.  Had you considered that there are ways to break this cycle?

Take a look at your current circumstances look back on your pattern and reposition every puzzle change the direction of your life.  Don’t be an Ebenezer Scrooge unmotivated, isolated and bitter about life.  Get heated up and motivated change the course and step into a world more than you could ever imagine.

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Purple-The Purple Rose


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I saw this rose and I evaluated each bud.  Some of the buds were soft, strong with lots of purple color.  There were other buds that appeared to start withering waiting to drop off and begin budding again.  The purple rose how lovely.  It begin with a need to bloom.  There are 3 roses, if you view the picture one rose has not fully bloomed, another beginning to bloom and another which is fully bloomed.  It reminded me of our affiliates.  Each beginning with a small tight petal waiting for nutrition to grown.

The new affiliate is hungry for knowledge thirsting for information like a wild flower which needs lots of support and encouragement.  What happens when the bloom begins to wither off?  How do you keep the pedal from falling apart?  I’m glad you asked.  It is important to continue pacing your affiliate, instruct and allow to demonstrate the instruction.  Validate by reviewing what the affiliate is doing.  Give the affiliate constructive criticism so growth will continue.  Overloading your new affiliate with lots of information could increase barriers.  Some  barriers  include, misunderstanding, misconception and frustration.

Build a teaching plan that maps out each day what will be taught to a new affiliate.  Provide examples that are clear, concise and accurate.  Anticipate areas in your instruction where the new affiliate may get lost.  Many times affiliates lack understanding on the use of business tools, creating ads and advertising.  It is important to show them how this works.

Setting the tone of your instruction is very important.  Having a good listening ear demonstrates you are interested in what your affiliate is saying.  Purple royalty, it signifies leadership, accountability and reliability.  a new affiliate relies on the confidence of a leader for directions and guidance.  Accountability demonstrating confidence in your decisions and reliability being available.  Following up with your new affiliate.

When a new affiliate joins your team are you emailing or calling to welcome them aboard?  If you are not it is good practice.  How is your follow-up?  Are you checking in periodically to answer questions and show your availability?  One of my affiliates made a comment, “I have joined many groups and no one calls to welcome you.” Pretty sad statement.  I believe it is important to take a moment to welcome new affiliates, let them know your availability and guide them in the first few sections in your business.

The purple flower once it blooms then it duplicates and begins a new bloom.

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Destiny-Dreams running ahead of you


“Fly spread your wings”


Destiny-Dreams running ahead of you

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Destiny-Is your dream running ahead of you

Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society. It is a goal and an essential part of my life – a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me. I will come running wherever they are.

Princess Diana
Helping the vulnerable.  Those people in society who believe there is not  hope.  I want to dispel disbelief.  I would like to provide people who are struggling an opportunity to change the course and direction of their lives.  When the ship captain gives the order to move he expects his crew in position and, boarding people safely on the ship.  Being in position to receive something new is important.  It is important not to take your eye off the prize.

How many people do you know need help?  Or have said, “I stop dreaming long time ago.”  Some people see their dreams running way before them while they stand in a constant state of shock vulnerable to the shrinking economy, and the drastic changes in their life.  While our society is in a state of turmoil how do we catch up to our dreams?  The cloud of turmoil is so thick you can’t cut it with a knife. You can begin with the following strategies.

  1. Stop using the word I can’t and switch it to I can
  2. Stop reporting turmoil to others
  3. Check bad attitudes at the door
  4. Stop transporting baggage
  5. Stop trembling at the site of trouble
  6. Face adversities head on
  7. Develop techniques that will reduce anxiety
  8. Sing more


How many people missed the mark because they said I cannot make it can’t do that, no that doesn’t work?  There are times when we all have made these statements.  The key is not to stay here.  Who wants to sit on the bus stop and wait forever on a bus? Staying in a constant state of confusion and anxiety will seem like the bus never comes, and when it arrives the door opens but you never get on the bus.  Stop trembling at the sight of trouble. I believe trouble does not last always sometimes it is seasonal.  Focus on helping others take the focus off of “You.”  Motivate someone take the turmoil cloud down by spraying it with confidence, belief and determination.  Run and let the dream caught up with you.  Lay the ground work and begin to build.

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Theory-Caring is an attitude







Theory-Caring is it an attitude

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Theory-Caring is an attitude

Miller (2007) defines hope as, “a state of being, characterized by an anticipation of a continued good state, or an improved state or a release from a perceived entrapment.  Hope is an anticipation of a future that is good and is based upon relationships with others.  It gives purpose and meaning to life, as well as a sense of the possible. (p.17)

I was reading an article this morning regarding caring and how this concept changes and transforms lives.  There was a statement noted in the article that caused me to look further into this theory of caring by Watson.   The turmoil one experiences in causes feelings of lack of control, non-healing states and limitations in our growth (Marilenne Goldin, RN, BSN, MBA).
Hope deferred from the New International Version of the bible states, “Hope deferred makes the heart-sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life (Proverbs 13:12).

Andrea Harrington wrote a book on Hope Deferred-keeping your Joy and Sanity on the Journey to family.  This book, providing hope to those dealing with infertility in the process of adopting or parenting a special needs child ( It is important to keep hope alive.  When hope dies we become depressed, sad and isolate ourselves from others.  Caring tags on to hope when caring and hope come together an explosion occurs, the fireworks burst into colors you cannot imagine.  It brings the troubles of life down to its knees. It gives birth to a healthy mind heart and soul.

Rick Hema of Ibotoolbox an affiliate of mind made a statement about up-lines caring for their down-line.  I believe this is significant.  It is important to put your words into action.  Many of our businesses mission statement reflect the following: “I’m here to help, helping is my motto, and I will help you achieve your dreams”.  If we are committed to our down lines than communicate and care for them.  Get interested in what they are doing.  Help them with a caring understanding attitude.  It will benefit the team.  The theory of caring transforms lives it means being interested in what is going on in the lives of others.  Holmes and Rehe’s (1976) developed a scale for adults it allows you to score your stress level.  It is called “The social readjustment scale rating scale.” The score you tally determines the amount of stressors in your life.  These theorists developed a list of 43 stressful life events that can contribute to illness of course with all theories you must evaluate from its origin.  Caring is an attitude it transforms lives.

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Miller, J.F. (2007). Hope: A construct central to nursing. Nursing Forum, 42, 12-19.

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Passion-Passionate do what you are passionate about


Passion-Do what you are passionate about

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Passion-Do what you are passionate about Lacey Chabert
Let others see your passion through words.  I’ve been ask what I do.  Well, I do quite a bit.  But my true passion is people.  I love to see people accomplish goals, overcome adversities and learn to become passionate about the very things they love.
If you listen to the ocean waves flowing back and forth there is a sound of peace it tells you that the water is calm.  There are times when that same ocean hits the rocks and shore with fiery the sound of anger and turmoil can be heard.  I believe that our passions don’t change passion grows.

Can you recall the movie “It’s a wonderful life James Stewart and Donna Reed” this family had everything they needed  until a storm came ruined the business, and finances which threw James Steward into a place of despair and disbelief.   The very passion he had for family, people in his community and friends went asunder.  He did not see a way out but to remove himself from life’s equation.  Well we all know the story and the ending.  He did regain his original passion and continued to find the love he needed to pursue his dreams.

Another example of  passion and drive is Will Smith in”The Pursuit of Happiness” It seemed that all the obstacles that existed blindsided him, blocks and walls surround his every turn.  He even lost his wife.  His helpmate, supporter, confidant and encourage r at least he thought he had this.  He continued to keep his eye on the prize and continue to take cared of his son he loved dearly.  We all have days that point us to a direction of that big sign “QUIT” it is posted in our minds on all sides.  Sure we could pull it out and run, but if we do then the passion we have, will run the opposite direction.  Which one will you run with?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” (Helen Keller).  I have to agree with Helen Keller.  Life must be an adventure.  Adventures are fun if you set it up that way.  Adventures are intriguing, interesting, thought-provoking and mysterious.  Lets’ dream lets sail together and take a ride on the passion train.  Lets exploring our passions together.  Sharing our dreams and reaching goals is what matters in life.  Be encouraged today.

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A Cords unraveling adventure
Refreshing-Gaining a New Perspective


As we abide in sleep, intuitively resonating with the sum of all our experiences – this life and beyond – we gain refreshing perspective on our efforts and have an opportunity to remember what we know. Henry Reed

A cords unraveling adventure

Cords play a significant role in our lives.  Cords connect and intertwine to keep things together.  There are various cords used in the course of a day.  Power-strip cords, game cords, phone and lamp cords. Whatever cord you choose determine the connection you received.

Let us take a telephone cord.  This cord twist and turns and will shorten your connects to the receiver. We often take the cord apart allow the phone to dangle until the cord returns into his original state.  The length of the cord allows us to raise the receiver without tension.  When there are days of tension and stress unravel your cord and refresh.  Begin a refreshing plan of care and promote an adventure that relieves you of unwanted cord pressure.

What do we look for in a power-cord?  I look for safety and reliability.  Just as I look for reliability in business and leaders.  It is important to connect with people.  The cords you extend from one person to another must have meaning, and purpose.  Without the beginning and end of a cord there are no electrical currents passing back and forth.  Essentially the cord is useless.  Connections generate power.  After all who wants a flickering lamp?  A flickering lamp will always light you for a moment and then leave you in the dark.  Ever lamp needs a working cord.  Cords that connect to a wall that works.  People need to refresh their connections and rebuild from scratch.  We all have cords that tie, twist and unravel.  A twisted cord doesn’t work; you’ll find yourself unraveling the cord each time it is in use.  Tied cord connects from one tie to the next and currents continue to flow.

Working cords bring electrifying perspective to life, the cords of our mind can intertwine twist and curl up.  It is up to us to unravel the resonating sounds of defeat, and failure from our minds.  Plug into a current that electrifies and pours refreshing ideas and thoughts into the depth of our mind.  Be encouraged today and refresh with a refreshing outlook on life.

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Lights-Lights of America making the day brighter




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Lights-Lights of America making the days brighter

A great attitude does much more than turns on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change.
Earl Nightingale


A Great attitude magically connects us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities.  This is a great quote by Earl Nightingale.  Each morning when I wake up the first think I do is welcome the day.  I thank God for my very existence.  My attitude is surrounded with thoughts of the previous day and sometimes it is difficult to remove them.  When I think about attitude I wonder how people can be angry everyday it is so exhausting.  Attitude is important in how we meet the challenges of the day.

Earl Nightingale the radio legend.  In his book The strange secret, why do some people do so very well in life and live so very successful why others do not.  The majority of the people live both they are successful part of the time and not so well in other time you have heard of the saying “it is too good to last”   this is this is true if we live by chance it is untrue if we live by the rules of success in everything we do.” (Earl Nightingale 1887),

The attitude regarding success must be consistent to achieve anything in live.  Often times our unsuccessful pathways contribute to our limited success.  It is important that we live by the rules of success. One successful rule of success is examined your own weakness and strengths, developing good judgment skills will help you stay on the pathway of success. While walking the pathways of success maintain a positive attitude, believe it will work.  Set up principles that drive success. Define success for your-self.

Create your business venture then stick to it.  The right attitude, right timing and the right opportunity will begin your walk to success. Some business succeed and others fall by the wayside it is important to understand even in the falling away the attitude you choose will determine whether or not your pathway takes a detour or branch out in a new direction that will continue a successful outcome.  Be encouraged and prevent the attitudes of failure, and unbelief from getting you started on your walk of success.

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Clips from Earl Nightingale:

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Octopus-Highly Intelligent


Octopus-Highly Intelligent

Carolyn Coleman-GradyThe Octopus at work


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Octopus-Highly Intelligent

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 



Hello Carolyn Coleman-Grady here.  This morning as I moved from room to room Octopus continued to resonate in my mind.  I thought what is fascinating about this creature that it would impress the core of my thoughts.  H. Jackson Brown, Jr. provides the image.  Discovering the Talent inside of you if great a great writer, dance, singer and/or motivator what every the talent is it will not perfect without discipline.

Octopuses are among the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible of all invertebrate. They possess strategic defenses that protect them from predators, it is a known fact that octopuses have been found on ships opening containers filed with crab and move about the water in a playful mood tossing cans under the sea. (

It is also stated, that young Octopuses mimic behaviors after their parents. Sounds familiar in human behavior what our children see us do they too often mimic.


This Octopus is working diligently on opening a can found under the sea.

I wonder how much time is spent stretching your arms and reaching for opportunities that will affect you and the family’s life.  Can you image an Octopus on roller skates moving forward, backward sideways unclear which direction it was going.  Spending hours in motion but going nowhere.  Oh how frustrating the movements of nowhere can become. 

Octopus has a strategy it depends on what is happening at the time in a defense mood they spray ink this camouflages and protects them from predators.  Are you constantly camouflaging yourself, scare to step out of the safety net and leave familiarity?

Business is like an octopus there are will always be obstacles.  Exercising your intelligence to maneuver inside your current obstacles will help you facilitate strategies that work.  I bet the octopus in the picture spent the entire day solving this problem of opening the can.  Many of us have experience what I call the forget it phase if it doesn’t work the first time, right now forget about it.  If it payoff is not immediate well forget about it.  I can’t find prospects and leads o’ well, forget about this business, I’ll try another. Sounds familiar?

The octopus on skates will roll from backward, forward, and sideways and never go anywhere.  It is the intelligent side of you that will develop strategic moves until it works. Then you will travel the world wondering what took you so long to see.

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