Octopus-Highly Intelligent


Octopus-Highly Intelligent

Carolyn Coleman-GradyThe Octopus at work


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Octopus-Highly Intelligent

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 



Hello Carolyn Coleman-Grady here.  This morning as I moved from room to room Octopus continued to resonate in my mind.  I thought what is fascinating about this creature that it would impress the core of my thoughts.  H. Jackson Brown, Jr. provides the image.  Discovering the Talent inside of you if great a great writer, dance, singer and/or motivator what every the talent is it will not perfect without discipline.

Octopuses are among the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible of all invertebrate. They possess strategic defenses that protect them from predators, it is a known fact that octopuses have been found on ships opening containers filed with crab and move about the water in a playful mood tossing cans under the sea. (Wikipedia.com).

It is also stated, that young Octopuses mimic behaviors after their parents. Sounds familiar in human behavior what our children see us do they too often mimic.


This Octopus is working diligently on opening a can found under the sea.

I wonder how much time is spent stretching your arms and reaching for opportunities that will affect you and the family’s life.  Can you image an Octopus on roller skates moving forward, backward sideways unclear which direction it was going.  Spending hours in motion but going nowhere.  Oh how frustrating the movements of nowhere can become. 

Octopus has a strategy it depends on what is happening at the time in a defense mood they spray ink this camouflages and protects them from predators.  Are you constantly camouflaging yourself, scare to step out of the safety net and leave familiarity?

Business is like an octopus there are will always be obstacles.  Exercising your intelligence to maneuver inside your current obstacles will help you facilitate strategies that work.  I bet the octopus in the picture spent the entire day solving this problem of opening the can.  Many of us have experience what I call the forget it phase if it doesn’t work the first time, right now forget about it.  If it payoff is not immediate well forget about it.  I can’t find prospects and leads o’ well, forget about this business, I’ll try another. Sounds familiar?

The octopus on skates will roll from backward, forward, and sideways and never go anywhere.  It is the intelligent side of you that will develop strategic moves until it works. Then you will travel the world wondering what took you so long to see.

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Retrieved photo: http://www.wikepedia.com

I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady-A moment in time

Carolyn Coleman-Grady



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    • I thought so also. I became intrigued by an Octopus go figure. I also learned that the boats on the high sea are dealing with Octopus crawling onto the boat and eating up the crab not this is interesting.

  1. Excellent analogy Carolyn – couldn’t pick a better example in relating our business survival behavior. Your blogs are always a great way to get a sip of extra knowledge. This one is another BlogBuster Hit. Congratulations!

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