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Lights-Lights of America making the days brighter

A great attitude does much more than turns on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change.
Earl Nightingale


A Great attitude magically connects us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities.  This is a great quote by Earl Nightingale.  Each morning when I wake up the first think I do is welcome the day.  I thank God for my very existence.  My attitude is surrounded with thoughts of the previous day and sometimes it is difficult to remove them.  When I think about attitude I wonder how people can be angry everyday it is so exhausting.  Attitude is important in how we meet the challenges of the day.

Earl Nightingale the radio legend.  In his book The strange secret, why do some people do so very well in life and live so very successful why others do not.  The majority of the people live both they are successful part of the time and not so well in other time you have heard of the saying “it is too good to last”   this is this is true if we live by chance it is untrue if we live by the rules of success in everything we do.” (Earl Nightingale 1887),

The attitude regarding success must be consistent to achieve anything in live.  Often times our unsuccessful pathways contribute to our limited success.  It is important that we live by the rules of success. One successful rule of success is examined your own weakness and strengths, developing good judgment skills will help you stay on the pathway of success. While walking the pathways of success maintain a positive attitude, believe it will work.  Set up principles that drive success. Define success for your-self.

Create your business venture then stick to it.  The right attitude, right timing and the right opportunity will begin your walk to success. Some business succeed and others fall by the wayside it is important to understand even in the falling away the attitude you choose will determine whether or not your pathway takes a detour or branch out in a new direction that will continue a successful outcome.  Be encouraged and prevent the attitudes of failure, and unbelief from getting you started on your walk of success.

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Clips from Earl Nightingale:

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Lightening the pathway for you.


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  1. You not only must have an attitude to be successful in this business but you must also know exactly what to say and exactly what to do in this business. Tom Big Al Schrieter says that personal development makes us better people and that is 97% of the equation, but without skills we are toast.

    Think of it this way who would you like to have as your doctor for open heart surgery? A doctor with a great attitude who just finsihed medical school or one with a negative attitude whom you can’t stand who has skills?

    I would of course choose the second one which is skils!!

    That makes the difference.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    • Great point Lawrence. I believe you need 3 things knowledge, skills, attitude. I probably would not take the doctor with skills and bad attitude. I would keep looking. For me it is necessary for all 3.I believe there are great Doctors that have developed and matured enough to posses these ingredients. The one that finished Med School I would hope the mind set entices him or her to align with Doctors who have skills, right attitude and knowledge. As a Nurse I’ve developed the right attitude by connecting with Nurses who had the right attitude, with this the skills engulf quality and the knowledge a craving. It is of my opinion that a business mindset takes right attitude, knowledge and skills. Having a bad attitude in business but you have great skills will not promote your efforts. But, being humble, nice and willing to learn the needs of others as you learn business your business trail will have longevity and isn’t this the ultimate goal? Thanks for the discussion and the comment. I love your discussion.

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