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A Cords unraveling adventure
Refreshing-Gaining a New Perspective


As we abide in sleep, intuitively resonating with the sum of all our experiences – this life and beyond – we gain refreshing perspective on our efforts and have an opportunity to remember what we know. Henry Reed

A cords unraveling adventure

Cords play a significant role in our lives.  Cords connect and intertwine to keep things together.  There are various cords used in the course of a day.  Power-strip cords, game cords, phone and lamp cords. Whatever cord you choose determine the connection you received.

Let us take a telephone cord.  This cord twist and turns and will shorten your connects to the receiver. We often take the cord apart allow the phone to dangle until the cord returns into his original state.  The length of the cord allows us to raise the receiver without tension.  When there are days of tension and stress unravel your cord and refresh.  Begin a refreshing plan of care and promote an adventure that relieves you of unwanted cord pressure.

What do we look for in a power-cord?  I look for safety and reliability.  Just as I look for reliability in business and leaders.  It is important to connect with people.  The cords you extend from one person to another must have meaning, and purpose.  Without the beginning and end of a cord there are no electrical currents passing back and forth.  Essentially the cord is useless.  Connections generate power.  After all who wants a flickering lamp?  A flickering lamp will always light you for a moment and then leave you in the dark.  Ever lamp needs a working cord.  Cords that connect to a wall that works.  People need to refresh their connections and rebuild from scratch.  We all have cords that tie, twist and unravel.  A twisted cord doesn’t work; you’ll find yourself unraveling the cord each time it is in use.  Tied cord connects from one tie to the next and currents continue to flow.

Working cords bring electrifying perspective to life, the cords of our mind can intertwine twist and curl up.  It is up to us to unravel the resonating sounds of defeat, and failure from our minds.  Plug into a current that electrifies and pours refreshing ideas and thoughts into the depth of our mind.  Be encouraged today and refresh with a refreshing outlook on life.

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