Passion-Passionate do what you are passionate about


Passion-Do what you are passionate about

Carolyn Coleman-Grady


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Passion-Do what you are passionate about Lacey Chabert
Let others see your passion through words.  I’ve been ask what I do.  Well, I do quite a bit.  But my true passion is people.  I love to see people accomplish goals, overcome adversities and learn to become passionate about the very things they love.
If you listen to the ocean waves flowing back and forth there is a sound of peace it tells you that the water is calm.  There are times when that same ocean hits the rocks and shore with fiery the sound of anger and turmoil can be heard.  I believe that our passions don’t change passion grows.

Can you recall the movie “It’s a wonderful life James Stewart and Donna Reed” this family had everything they needed  until a storm came ruined the business, and finances which threw James Steward into a place of despair and disbelief.   The very passion he had for family, people in his community and friends went asunder.  He did not see a way out but to remove himself from life’s equation.  Well we all know the story and the ending.  He did regain his original passion and continued to find the love he needed to pursue his dreams.

Another example of  passion and drive is Will Smith in”The Pursuit of Happiness” It seemed that all the obstacles that existed blindsided him, blocks and walls surround his every turn.  He even lost his wife.  His helpmate, supporter, confidant and encourage r at least he thought he had this.  He continued to keep his eye on the prize and continue to take cared of his son he loved dearly.  We all have days that point us to a direction of that big sign “QUIT” it is posted in our minds on all sides.  Sure we could pull it out and run, but if we do then the passion we have, will run the opposite direction.  Which one will you run with?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” (Helen Keller).  I have to agree with Helen Keller.  Life must be an adventure.  Adventures are fun if you set it up that way.  Adventures are intriguing, interesting, thought-provoking and mysterious.  Lets’ dream lets sail together and take a ride on the passion train.  Lets exploring our passions together.  Sharing our dreams and reaching goals is what matters in life.  Be encouraged today.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-The passion of people



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  1. Excellent post Carolyn. I love that movie with Will Smith. You must love what you do or you will not succeed in what you are doing. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. I will share for everyone to see.

  2. You have to have fun with what you are doing. If you are not having fun with a burning desire drop the activity and see where do you have to make adjustments? Because the leaders are the leaders because they are seen as the people who are the happiest in the room due to the fact that they have fun in whatever endeavor they are doing and of course they have results!

    If they did not then they would not be doing what they are doing in the first place! Duh!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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