Motivating-Turning up the heat


People needing People

Working together making a difference in the life ob people

  1. turning up the heat and motivate
  2. Turning wants into needs.

Ebenezer Scrooge in the Christmas Carole before he was visited by the 3 ghost was unmotivated.  He was forced to visit his past presence and future.

How do you motivate some-one?  By helping people move away from painful experience.  This will cause them to explore their current challenges and how things are not working.   Let’s explore why Things aren’t working?  Often people continue to perform in the same matter which produces the same results. Let’s explore what will happen if you continue to do what you have done unless you act upon what will work to change the course of your life.

Understand people like people who are like themselves.  If you have figured a way out found a way out you will then be ready to experience change in your life. Let say you mow lawns for a living; you use the old method which is pushing the lawn mower, a bladed mower you’ve always used. The mower you use takes you up to 5 hours to complete the task.  A salesman walking by ask you the following question, “Hey have you seen the new powered lawn mower it will cut your work time down in half?” The gentleman kindly replied oh this one will do, I’ve been cutting this lawn for over 20 years the same way at the same time.  The salesman stated, “Well this new one may not work for you but get back with me when you are ready to change.”

The Salesman leaves his card and moved on.  Some people are not willing to take a look at some think new.  It is challenging for many.  Like Ebenezer Scrooge who lacked motivation continued his cranky old behavior and isolated people until he was given a vision of himself.

There are lots of us that carry the characteristics of Ebenezer Scrooge it was not until the ghost of past, presence and future visited him that his unmotivated ways turned into motivation and a love for life.  Taking a journey through your life visit how debt, living from check to check and working day in and day out for someone else is working for you.  Had you considered that there are ways to break this cycle?

Take a look at your current circumstances look back on your pattern and reposition every puzzle change the direction of your life.  Don’t be an Ebenezer Scrooge unmotivated, isolated and bitter about life.  Get heated up and motivated change the course and step into a world more than you could ever imagine.

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