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Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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I saw this rose and I evaluated each bud.  Some of the buds were soft, strong with lots of purple color.  There were other buds that appeared to start withering waiting to drop off and begin budding again.  The purple rose how lovely.  It begin with a need to bloom.  There are 3 roses, if you view the picture one rose has not fully bloomed, another beginning to bloom and another which is fully bloomed.  It reminded me of our affiliates.  Each beginning with a small tight petal waiting for nutrition to grown.

The new affiliate is hungry for knowledge thirsting for information like a wild flower which needs lots of support and encouragement.  What happens when the bloom begins to wither off?  How do you keep the pedal from falling apart?  I’m glad you asked.  It is important to continue pacing your affiliate, instruct and allow to demonstrate the instruction.  Validate by reviewing what the affiliate is doing.  Give the affiliate constructive criticism so growth will continue.  Overloading your new affiliate with lots of information could increase barriers.  Some  barriers  include, misunderstanding, misconception and frustration.

Build a teaching plan that maps out each day what will be taught to a new affiliate.  Provide examples that are clear, concise and accurate.  Anticipate areas in your instruction where the new affiliate may get lost.  Many times affiliates lack understanding on the use of business tools, creating ads and advertising.  It is important to show them how this works.

Setting the tone of your instruction is very important.  Having a good listening ear demonstrates you are interested in what your affiliate is saying.  Purple royalty, it signifies leadership, accountability and reliability.  a new affiliate relies on the confidence of a leader for directions and guidance.  Accountability demonstrating confidence in your decisions and reliability being available.  Following up with your new affiliate.

When a new affiliate joins your team are you emailing or calling to welcome them aboard?  If you are not it is good practice.  How is your follow-up?  Are you checking in periodically to answer questions and show your availability?  One of my affiliates made a comment, “I have joined many groups and no one calls to welcome you.” Pretty sad statement.  I believe it is important to take a moment to welcome new affiliates, let them know your availability and guide them in the first few sections in your business.

The purple flower once it blooms then it duplicates and begins a new bloom.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Purple royalty



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  1. One of our first mentors taught us the importance of not only keeping in contact with those we sponsor also adding them to as many of our social networks where instant contact is available as possible. This can often lead to the kind of friendship which benefits both parties, and allows instant contact when both are online at the same time. It is also a simple way to lead by example.

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