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Persevere-Life’s with 3 P’s



My name is Carolyn coleman-Grady


Persevere-Life’s with the 3 P’s

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

June 29, 2012

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Persevere-Life’s preserver persevere 3 P’s

My dad always said, “Follow the 3 P’s “perseverance, persistence, and patience.”  The 3P’s are important to my business, decision-making, and leadership.  Persistence, many people have difficulty in pursuing their business dreams, and as a result they lack persistence.  I remember while waiting for my acceptance to nursing school.  I decided to work at a factor.  The job duties included making the light fixtures for street lights.  Of course it involved a production line.  My particular role included electrical checks. One particular day, the foreman approached me and said, “Carolyn the boss here is very impressed with your work, you have a bright future here, before she continued, I thanked her and said politely “no, I’m a nurse and waiting for nursing school,” She said, “that’s great but you probably want get accepted.”  I smiled and continued my job.  That evening, I’d received a letter of acceptance.  I arrived at work the next morning completed my day, sought the foreman and politely with a smile said, “I thought you should be the first to know, I’ve been excepted in nursing school, I’d like my last day to begin at that time the following Friday.” She smiled and said, “I always knew you would, I wanted you to be persistent.” I laughed and we bided our good byes.
Perseverance the ability to continue moving forward when life’s obstacles blocks moving from one level to the next for example, you decide to join a multilevel marketing business, but you find that investing in yourself becomes challenging, look beyond the challenge see the benefits on the other side.  Pursue the route until an avenue is open.  Right now college students are struggling to remain in school.  Students must persevere. Look for other ways to complete college.  During down time take a few classes on-line.  Check for extension courses keep your mind stimulated don’t focus on “why me” pity parties are so boring.  Perseverance persistence and patience will lead us to success.

Patience this is an area that many of us have difficulty with.  Patience’s requires daily attention.  Patience exercises may be implemented by observing your daily activities.  Yesterday, I went to the DMV the lines were long and this was a test of patience I could see impatience’s so clearly people were anxious, agitated and frustrated.  Of course we all need to exercise patience on a daily basis. It is required even in network marketing, and recruiting.

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The Wisdom of King David-Solomon the King



Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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June 17, 2012

The Wisdom of King David

King David firmly establishes his son Solomons’ reign as King ! Does he have the wisdom to sit on the throng?

Reading 1 kings this morning reveals a father establishing his son before his passing.  The dialog suggested someone was speaking and listening attentively during this wise counseling moment.  The words of King David filled my heart with joy because a father and his son shared a loving moment that would confirm, edify and establish his rightful reign in years to come.  What a blessed word on father’s day.”

King David was up in age and ill, no covers could keep him warm, his servants called for a young girl to keep him warm and take care of him during his illness they identified her as a nurse.  King David had many trials and challenges before he was established as king.  Remember King Saul begin to despise him and wanted him dead, he ran for months hiding in hills, and keeping an open eye for he knew death was chasing him.  But God had a bigger plan for David and the plan was to crown David King.

King David and his son Solomon spent time together establishing his future.  King David gave Solomon wise counsel and guidance.  He said the following:

Take courage and be a man

Observe the requirements of the Lord your God and follow all his ways

Keep each of his laws, regulations, stipulations so you will be successful with all that you do and where ever you go.

King David continued, If you do this the Lord will keep his promise  he made to me.  If your descendants live as they should follow me faithfully with all their heart and soul one of them will always sit on the throne of Israel.  Finally King David shared with his son Solomon people to take care of.  He also, identified Solomon enemies.  God establishes leaders to reign over his people the throng was set for King Davids descendants.  King David gave Solomon a firm foundation of wisdom and knowledge. He taught Solomon how to live and reign as a leader.  He confirmed trust and loyalty.  King David gave Solomon specific guidance on what it meant to  be king.  He reminded his son to live in the ways of God.

A father gives guidance, support and love.  Fathers establish and confirm and affirm the great qualities of their children.  Fathers remain near by to protect and nurture as their sons and daughters grow into men and women.  Fathers don’t abandon when trials, and circumstances engulf their lives.  Fathers stand strong and set good examples for their generations to come.  Fathers learn to love unconditionally even when disappointments are set before them.  Fathers boldly say “I love you” even if their father had never uttered these words before.

F= faithful

A = assuring

T = trustworthy

H = helper

E = established in love

R = renders grace and mercy

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Wisdom to be a dad


The Tribe-En-joy the joy of giving


En-Joy-Oh the joy of giving

Carolyn Coleman-Grady


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En-Joy-Oh the joy of giving

Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.
Mahatma Gandhi
I was reading this quote and fell in love with it. Often time people rendered services which they hate to do.  Many people don’t like to serve.  Rendering your services to others brings joy.  It brings brightness and helps others along their way. I believe people lack understand on joy and can’t remember what joy feels like.  Joy causes you to smile, speak to people, and extend your hand to others.

Today I had lunch with my dad.  My dad is wonderful; he has a wealth of knowledge.  He teaches Bible study.  He shared with me when Paul visited Rome; there were idols of all kind visible.  Paul did not serve them by brow beating them about Christianity but he acknowledged them by saying, “I see your people are very religious.”  This opens the door for dialogue.  He was then able to serve the people and he was received by many.

I believe as business leaders, experts in our field need to take the approach of Paul when dealing with people.  We are serving them, providing a way to make a better life for themselves, and their families by spreading a little joy.  Some people like to hammer their way through the hearts of others this will never work.  A kind gentle heart influences others.  Paul acknowledges people and embraced them.  He did not use harsh tactics, or rude ideologies to persuade.  He used kindness and spread the joy of the Lord to each one he met.  I know many people will think that some people don’t deserve to be served because of their attitudes. But, they really do desire it.  Being hard nose and condescending pushes people away.  Business leaders need to empower, influence, support and guide people.  It is important to promote joy in all that we do.

People are unhappy because they can’t find the answer to their dilemmas.  A business leader  provide strategic planning to assist people who are looking for opportunities.  Honest, real talk not false promises.  The spirit of joy begins with you and it spreads like wild flowers.  The spirit of joy is viral like the internet it is infectious.  Do you possess the joy? I’d like to encourage you to join my blog

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-There is Joy in my heart.

Bill Shea says good bye:Retirement A New Beginning


I’d Like to introduce you to my friend Bill Shea. He is a Veteran A “War Fighter.” He received a Purple heart. He recently retired and Bill Shares his story so the world can see how God blessed him in the mist of adversity. I hope your life is changed by reading and sharing Bill Shea’s Story.

The Man with the Purple Heart

Bill Shea a Veteran “War Fighter”

A Big Thanks To All Of You At

DCMA by Bill Shea


I just want to say goodbye to

those who I did not have a

chance to say goodbye to in

person, and to thank you all on

behalf of the “War Fighter”. I

was there. I was an infantryman in Viet Nam.

I was in combat. I was wounded in action. I

was awarded the Purple Heart. Because of

that experience I know firsthand the

importance of what DCMA does from the

perspective of the “War Fighter”.


My Personal Experience

I was an infantryman in the Big Red One,

Company C, 1st Battalion, First Infantry

division in Viet Nam. On Friday, December

13th 1968, I was sent on a mid-day, 5 man

patrol, to scout the surrounding jungle for

possible enemy activity. The lead man of the

patrol tripped a booby trap which instantly

killed the other 4 men on patrol. I had a

huge gaping wound where shrapnel had struck

my upper left thigh. The wound in my leg

was large enough that I could see that my

femoral artery had been totally severed. I

could see both sides of the artery and could

see the blood pumping out in a pulsating

pattern as the heart pumped the blood. In

order to save my own life I reached in with my

fingers and physically pinched off the artery

to stop the bleeding. I then tied on a

tourniquet and crawled to my weapon in case

there was enemy in the area. No enemy was

present so I propped my leg up in a tree to

help prevent going into shock. I then used

my M-16 rifle to fire shots to signal my squad

to come to my rescue. Help reached me 25

minutes after the original explosion and a

chopper was called in to airlift me to a

medical unit for treatment. I spent several

weeks under medical care in the medical unit

in Viet Nam before stable enough to be moved

to a medical facility in Japan. There I spent

another several weeks undergoing treatment

before being stable enough to be moved back

to Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver,

Colorado. My total hospitalization, before

being medically discharged, was 26 months.

Because of the right products, at the right

place which performed as intended, I survived

my time in Viet Nam. Those products which

were there when needed, were there because

of people like you doing your part in the


Folks, what you do is critical, so keep up the

good work.

So on behalf of all our Warfighters past,

present, and future I would like to thank all in

DCMA for your efforts in providing our troops

the materials they need to confront the

enemy and optimize their odds of coming

home to their families and friends.


Your former co-worker and fellow American,


Bill Shea


Financial Checkup-Have you made an appointment


Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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What is your financial condition?

I can tell you there are days when my financial condition is a mess.  It does not matter if you are young, old, married or single if you don’t get a handle on your finance your condition will decline.

Finance is the art of passing currency from hand to hand until it finally disappears. — Robert W. Sarnof

I thought this quote was fitting. Currency passes from hand to hand until it is finally disappears.  What happens to the residual incomes you receive? Many times it is spent before its deposited into your account. How in the world does this happen.  Are we living beyond our means, are we taking an account of our spending and saving pattern.

I remember growing up and my grandmother would say “baby, always pay yourself first.” She never said how much to pay yourself, but always pay yourself first. This rings in my ear still today. A friend of mind since passed on would say, “I have always put 10 dollars away every time I received money and guest what she retired very early in our working journey.”

Financial condition of many is like fatigue and weakness. Intermittent financial disasters today money coming in and tomorrow the money is going out increasing and causing your condition to decline.  One day financial picture looks wonderful and you take another peak and wow it has declined again.

“Old or young, rich or poor, married or single, it doesn’t matter─ one of the first things we do at the Bach Group after discussing one clients’ values is to figure out their current financial condition” (Bach, 1999).

Figuring out your financial condition is important to the road of healing.  It is difficult to understand and change behavior if you don’t know what is wrong “getting organized is one of the keys to financial security (Bach, 1999)

Getting organized is the challenge for many of us. There are some people who can manage their finances perfectly. I’m not in that category I have to work and work at this every day.  Let say I’m walking unto perfection and I’ll be walking for a long timeJ, improving your financial condition is important.  Just like we have check-ups and annual physicals we need to have a financial checkup.

Make your appointment and get financial healthy you be happy you did I guarantee it.

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Bach, D. (1999). Smart Women finish rich: Broadway, NY: Random House

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-getting in financial shape