Bill Shea says good bye:Retirement A New Beginning


I’d Like to introduce you to my friend Bill Shea. He is a Veteran A “War Fighter.” He received a Purple heart. He recently retired and Bill Shares his story so the world can see how God blessed him in the mist of adversity. I hope your life is changed by reading and sharing Bill Shea’s Story.

The Man with the Purple Heart

Bill Shea a Veteran “War Fighter”

A Big Thanks To All Of You At

DCMA by Bill Shea


I just want to say goodbye to

those who I did not have a

chance to say goodbye to in

person, and to thank you all on

behalf of the “War Fighter”. I

was there. I was an infantryman in Viet Nam.

I was in combat. I was wounded in action. I

was awarded the Purple Heart. Because of

that experience I know firsthand the

importance of what DCMA does from the

perspective of the “War Fighter”.


My Personal Experience

I was an infantryman in the Big Red One,

Company C, 1st Battalion, First Infantry

division in Viet Nam. On Friday, December

13th 1968, I was sent on a mid-day, 5 man

patrol, to scout the surrounding jungle for

possible enemy activity. The lead man of the

patrol tripped a booby trap which instantly

killed the other 4 men on patrol. I had a

huge gaping wound where shrapnel had struck

my upper left thigh. The wound in my leg

was large enough that I could see that my

femoral artery had been totally severed. I

could see both sides of the artery and could

see the blood pumping out in a pulsating

pattern as the heart pumped the blood. In

order to save my own life I reached in with my

fingers and physically pinched off the artery

to stop the bleeding. I then tied on a

tourniquet and crawled to my weapon in case

there was enemy in the area. No enemy was

present so I propped my leg up in a tree to

help prevent going into shock. I then used

my M-16 rifle to fire shots to signal my squad

to come to my rescue. Help reached me 25

minutes after the original explosion and a

chopper was called in to airlift me to a

medical unit for treatment. I spent several

weeks under medical care in the medical unit

in Viet Nam before stable enough to be moved

to a medical facility in Japan. There I spent

another several weeks undergoing treatment

before being stable enough to be moved back

to Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver,

Colorado. My total hospitalization, before

being medically discharged, was 26 months.

Because of the right products, at the right

place which performed as intended, I survived

my time in Viet Nam. Those products which

were there when needed, were there because

of people like you doing your part in the


Folks, what you do is critical, so keep up the

good work.

So on behalf of all our Warfighters past,

present, and future I would like to thank all in

DCMA for your efforts in providing our troops

the materials they need to confront the

enemy and optimize their odds of coming

home to their families and friends.


Your former co-worker and fellow American,


Bill Shea



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