The Wisdom of King David-Solomon the King



Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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June 17, 2012

The Wisdom of King David

King David firmly establishes his son Solomons’ reign as King ! Does he have the wisdom to sit on the throng?

Reading 1 kings this morning reveals a father establishing his son before his passing.  The dialog suggested someone was speaking and listening attentively during this wise counseling moment.  The words of King David filled my heart with joy because a father and his son shared a loving moment that would confirm, edify and establish his rightful reign in years to come.  What a blessed word on father’s day.”

King David was up in age and ill, no covers could keep him warm, his servants called for a young girl to keep him warm and take care of him during his illness they identified her as a nurse.  King David had many trials and challenges before he was established as king.  Remember King Saul begin to despise him and wanted him dead, he ran for months hiding in hills, and keeping an open eye for he knew death was chasing him.  But God had a bigger plan for David and the plan was to crown David King.

King David and his son Solomon spent time together establishing his future.  King David gave Solomon wise counsel and guidance.  He said the following:

Take courage and be a man

Observe the requirements of the Lord your God and follow all his ways

Keep each of his laws, regulations, stipulations so you will be successful with all that you do and where ever you go.

King David continued, If you do this the Lord will keep his promise  he made to me.  If your descendants live as they should follow me faithfully with all their heart and soul one of them will always sit on the throne of Israel.  Finally King David shared with his son Solomon people to take care of.  He also, identified Solomon enemies.  God establishes leaders to reign over his people the throng was set for King Davids descendants.  King David gave Solomon a firm foundation of wisdom and knowledge. He taught Solomon how to live and reign as a leader.  He confirmed trust and loyalty.  King David gave Solomon specific guidance on what it meant to  be king.  He reminded his son to live in the ways of God.

A father gives guidance, support and love.  Fathers establish and confirm and affirm the great qualities of their children.  Fathers remain near by to protect and nurture as their sons and daughters grow into men and women.  Fathers don’t abandon when trials, and circumstances engulf their lives.  Fathers stand strong and set good examples for their generations to come.  Fathers learn to love unconditionally even when disappointments are set before them.  Fathers boldly say “I love you” even if their father had never uttered these words before.

F= faithful

A = assuring

T = trustworthy

H = helper

E = established in love

R = renders grace and mercy

Happy Fathers day Thanks for stopping by I encourage you to join my blog

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Wisdom to be a dad



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