Persevere-Life’s with 3 P’s



My name is Carolyn coleman-Grady


Persevere-Life’s with the 3 P’s

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

June 29, 2012

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Persevere-Life’s preserver persevere 3 P’s

My dad always said, “Follow the 3 P’s “perseverance, persistence, and patience.”  The 3P’s are important to my business, decision-making, and leadership.  Persistence, many people have difficulty in pursuing their business dreams, and as a result they lack persistence.  I remember while waiting for my acceptance to nursing school.  I decided to work at a factor.  The job duties included making the light fixtures for street lights.  Of course it involved a production line.  My particular role included electrical checks. One particular day, the foreman approached me and said, “Carolyn the boss here is very impressed with your work, you have a bright future here, before she continued, I thanked her and said politely “no, I’m a nurse and waiting for nursing school,” She said, “that’s great but you probably want get accepted.”  I smiled and continued my job.  That evening, I’d received a letter of acceptance.  I arrived at work the next morning completed my day, sought the foreman and politely with a smile said, “I thought you should be the first to know, I’ve been excepted in nursing school, I’d like my last day to begin at that time the following Friday.” She smiled and said, “I always knew you would, I wanted you to be persistent.” I laughed and we bided our good byes.
Perseverance the ability to continue moving forward when life’s obstacles blocks moving from one level to the next for example, you decide to join a multilevel marketing business, but you find that investing in yourself becomes challenging, look beyond the challenge see the benefits on the other side.  Pursue the route until an avenue is open.  Right now college students are struggling to remain in school.  Students must persevere. Look for other ways to complete college.  During down time take a few classes on-line.  Check for extension courses keep your mind stimulated don’t focus on “why me” pity parties are so boring.  Perseverance persistence and patience will lead us to success.

Patience this is an area that many of us have difficulty with.  Patience’s requires daily attention.  Patience exercises may be implemented by observing your daily activities.  Yesterday, I went to the DMV the lines were long and this was a test of patience I could see impatience’s so clearly people were anxious, agitated and frustrated.  Of course we all need to exercise patience on a daily basis. It is required even in network marketing, and recruiting.

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  1. Carolyn I worked in a factory putting staples into boxes my fingers would be so bruised but I stuck it out because I saw the otherside was near. I knew I needed school. What worked for me is that I had a plan there were others who were miserable due to having a vision that that was all he/she could do.

  2. You definitely must be persistence because there will be difficult times I can guarantee that. The ones who take action whether they feel like it or not are the ones who win!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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