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Skills and Confidence-How to bridge them together



Carolyn Coleman-Grady


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July 31, 2012


Skills and Confidence-How to bridge them together


Skills and confidence is an unconquered army. –George Herbert


How does one develop skills and confidence in communicating and developing relationships?  The aim of this blog is to discuss appropriate engaging through the written word with others.  It is easy to become vulnerable to content posted on a daily bases.  There are various levels of experience in writing each level brings unique information.  Level one it is important to introduce yourself.  Engaging with others takes time.  Sharing short post about you allows the readers to get to know you. It could include hobbies, interest, family fun times and even life experiences.


What I have found in reading many blogs and post, is people don’t engage the reader.  Readers like to imagine, dream and place themselves in the content.  The skills of a writer begin with skillful creativity. You may say, “But I’m not an expert writer, nor am I. I like to place my thoughts on paper, create situations that illicit discussion after all we all love the comments others post on our written blogs. There is a blog, I love to follow, it is informative, exciting and it creates a dream of traveling. The blogger is customtripplanning Today she posted a blog on Road Warrior A cycling experience.  This is a blogger to follow. As I read her blog, I imagined the bike cycling I thought about skills and confidence.


A cyclist possesses skills, strong legs, respiratory system, endurance and a will to compete.  Now I know we have people who love to ride a bike, but these cyclers have a compassion for cycling. Check out her blog when you have a moment. This blogger has received blog awards.  The skillful writing of customtripplanning will bring you joy.  A reader will always find that one sentence or word that pops right out and brightens their day.  Blogging is fun, it takes practice. Write on topics that interest you. Begin your journey.  Writing is a skill and confidence comes over time.  Write every day. Watch your stores unfold.  Fear will create a block but hit those keys anyway.  Dream, focus and write. You will find your niche and others will follow.


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Fortune-An encounter with inspiration



Fortune-An encounter with inspiration

Carolyn Coleman-Grady


July 9, 2012

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Fortune-An encounter with inspiration

A man is fortunate if he encounters living examples of vice, as well as of virtue, to inspire him.-H.G. Bohn

Shortcomings mold and shape the direction of our lives tangling our mind and throwing us into a world winds.  Peaking in the window of time opened an encounter of defeat mistrust, and hopelessness while dancing to the music of sorrow, and regret. Once the act has completed hopelessness and mistrust bowing before your eyes awaiting an applause the standing ovation, rendered to these unfortunate acts is meaningless and of no value.  The encounter leaves a spellbound affect staining the thoughts of man.  Rest assures the vice that corrupts can be reset to a fortunate encounter that changes the course and direction of life.

How to change encounters of moral failing into moral excellence

  1. Standards
  2. Ethical principles
  3. Rectitude


Developing quality conduct that inspires and motivates are the foundation for building standards of living.  Ethical principles are also foundational.  Francois de La Rochefoucauld suggested, “Nothing is as infectious as example” (p. 294).  If the standard of living is motivated by appropriate conduct, you image the fun we all would have.  But as life would have it many are motivated by dishonesty, and practices that involve destroying others on a daily basis.  It takes energy to practice unethical principles one would conclude this type of motivation could cause fatigue.  Motivations give energy regardless if it is positive or negative.  It is helpful when we are motivated by encounters that improve and change our lives.

Talmud suggest, “Don’t use the conduct of a fool as a precedent” (p. 295). Although this is a mainstream Judaism it is a foundational principle all can use.  It is important to inspire and motivate by examples.  Living by standards, ethical principle and avoiding known mistakes will help.  Business requires ethical principle and standards that support honesty. Businesses that function under false pretenses are unethical.  Dishonest tactics to promote business is also unethical.  Quality and high excellence are motivating characteristics that promote business. Is the fortune cookie you open directing the principles of life? Has Fortune 500 provided you with tips on business ethics and principles?

Stand on the encounter that inspires and takes your business to the top.

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Discovery Cards-Discovering things we can’t do




Discovery Cards-Discovering things we can’t do

Carolyn Coleman-Grady


July 5, 2012

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Discovery Cards-Discovering things we can’t do

Sometimes it is more important to discover what we cannot do, than what we can do-Lin Yutang

Discovery Cards, which one have you turned over today. Imagine a new task, one you have not performed before, you discover the challenge.  Your mission is to develop a new product; you lean back in your chair and ponder in your mind how to complete the mission. Thoughts begin to race quickly in your mind.  I have no knowledge on this subject, it looks very difficult, perhaps I had better choose another mission there is no way this can be done. You pick up the phone call a friend there is no answer.  As you leave a message a discovery clicks on in your brain and you begin working vigorously to complete the mission.

You’ve just stepped out of the twilight zone in to an interest zone.  The interest zone causes you to engage in something new. The brain begins to twist and turn throwing out fast ideas.  These ideas are coming so fast they must be written down.  Margaret Fontey suggests “The one important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one’s work seriously and taking one’s self seriously.  The first is imperative, and the second is disastrous” (p.345). Going into the interest zone you’ll find exciting new ideas that will help you develop and grow.  The discovery comes in the interest zone.  Trying new methods and strategies keeps your business alive, and thriving.

I spoke with a prospect earlier in the week, Jewelry is the prospects business. After our talk the prospect discovered the concept of conversion. This simple concept is not unknown to MLM networkers.  Internet marketers are discovering new ways to market their products and services every day.  I use it in my primary business. When my potential prospect does not raise their hands, I offer a free gift, a gift they can use too.  I’ve discovered that network marketing is jumping into an interest zone.  There are many ideas, tools and methods to learn. Why build only on what you know? Discover what is unknown and explore something new. This will keep your business out front. I like to leave you with this quote from Frank Lloyd Wright, “I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen” (p.434).

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Discovery cards that make a difference
Cook, J. (1996 ed). The book of positive quotations.Newton. Connecticut:Rubicon Press

“Measuring enthusiasm”-Yard stick approach


“Willie Mays

Measuring enthusiasm-Yard Stick approach

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

July 1, 2012

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Measuring enthusiasm-yard stick approach

The measure of enthusiasm must be taken between interesting events.  It is between bites that the lukewarm angler loses heart-Edwin Way Teale.

“Measuring enthusiasm” does not take a yard stick.  It takes a steady mind, with massive ideas and one that doesn’t lose “heart.”  When is the last time an interesting event stimulated your enthusiasm? I reached back in the archives and pulled up baseball legion Willie Mays nicked name “The say hey kid.” I wonder between the bites did Willie Mays become lukewarm and lose heart.  He was known as the greatest baseball players MVP, Hall of Fame recipient. Oh what pressure. Measuring up to the demands of the league, fans and family could contribute to lack of enthusiasm.

In our own lives uncomfortable events could trap us into lukewarm actions and we lose heart.  If Willie Mays succumbed to the events of his day his success would fly out right with the home runs of others.  But, he decided in his “heart” not to measure his enthusiasm with a yard because he knew the yardstick measures would end at some point.  Instead, between events he remained true to his dreams, and provided Massive outcomes in home run percentages and runs.

A yardstick measures one yard—36 inches not very long, at the end of the yardstick there is a drop off and the rest is an estimate.  It takes consistence and transportability in the mind to eliminate lukewarm states.  The energy expenditure should demonstrate balance.  Thomas Arnold said, “The difference between one man and another is not mere ability…it is energy” (p. 281).  It took energy for Willie Mays to perform exceptionally and it will take that same energy for you, and I to become successful in business.

How are you measuring your business? Are you lukewarm with limited energy?  Have you decided to give up and quite, join another business perhaps?  How do you measure success? Does your “heart” direct your steps?  Tips to maintain the energy you need to success.

  1. Decide today what are your goals
  2. Begin to plan activities that will make you successful
  3. Observe what others who are successful are doing
  4. Read articles on success stories
  5. Eliminate negative thoughts
  6. Don’t take everything so serious
  7. Don’t think better think Massive
  8. Don’t measure success by a yardstick
  9. Stimulate yourself with a positive outlook
  10. Forget plan “B” make plan A work

—Iver Ball said, “Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.

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I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady—Oh know not a yardstick!