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Information is King


Carolyn Coleman-Grady
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December 15, 2012

Information is King . . . Why?

November 2008 was the first time in history that the sales of
information products overtook the revenue of gambling on the

By February 2010, the sale of information on the internet
overtook the sales of gambling and the ‘adult’ industry combined.

So why does information sell so well on the internet?

– it is instantly accessible/downloadable to the purchaser
– it can be easily updated
– it can be sold relatively inexpensively as it is easy to distribute
– people are desperate to find a solutions for their problems or to
learn better ways to live their lives

The best information products to sell are those which:

– will solve a problem and/or educate someone about an immediate need.
– will solve a future problem — for instance, how to secure your home,
live healthily etc.

The former sells far better than the latter because when someone has
an immediate need, it is more likely that the information you provide
to fill that need will sell immediately. However, both types of
information answer the more basic question, “How Can I . . .?”

The purchase of information about a future need will often follow when
the need becomes more immediate. To secure information product customers
in this group, a good system of follow-up must be in place. So when they
are ready to buy, you will be ready to fill their needs.

BetterWebBuilder offers information products in a wide variety of ways,
but most importantly provides a system to distribute this information.

To get the system that provides you with the tools to develop a list of
prospective customers, follow up with them on a continuing basis and most
importantly provide all of the information and instruction to do so, we
found BetterWebBuilder fits the description to a “t”.

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Self-neglect-Looking through the eyes of abuse


Carolyn Coleman-Grady, RN, BSN

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The health care industry cares about the elderly population. To ensure that the health and wellbeing of this aggregate group remain the focus of families and health care providers education on elder abuse is pivotal. It is important that families are equipped to meet the challenges of elderly abuse recognizing elder abuse is the first step. People are living longer and health challenges are challenges increasing.  The health care industry is concerned about Self-neglect. Experts suggest that cognitive deficits (changes) contribute to this problem (Kelly, Camel, Dyer, Pavlik, Doody & Jogert (2008). Taking care of our elderly is important. The question becomes how do we distinguish between non-self-neglect and self-neglect.

A team of experts developed indicators that help determine the differences.

Common signs of elder self-neglect include:

  1. Little or no personal care: poor grooming, dirty or ragged clothes, unclean skin and fingernails
  2. Refusing medication or refusing to stay on medication schedule, unwilling to accept medical care
  3. Disoriented or incoherent: unable to focus, carry on normal conversation or answer basic questions about date, place, and time
  4. Unsafe living conditions: Lack of food or basic utilities in the home, unclean living quarters, rodents or other vermin
  5. Hoarding animals or trash, inability to get rid of unneeded items
  6. Inability to manage finances and property: not paying bills, repeatedly borrows money, gives money or property away
  7. Isolation:: Little contact with family or friends, no social support
  8. Alcohol or drug dependence

It is important to know these indicators. These indicators will help you make better decision. Some decisions may include relocating from home to an assisted living facility, board and care or into your home. To determine the best decision, I suggest you visit facilities, speak with the administrators, activity directors and lead staff members. I can share with you if there is an odor of urine leave.  Patients that are not clean dressed and/or hair is not combed leave the facility.

Remember self-neglect can happen to anyone experts suggest that cognitive changes are contributing factors. Make wise decision when you identify the above indicators. Developing a plan for your elderly family members will help decrease self-neglect. If possible stay connected to your elderly family members, listen patiently and implement an effective plan it will reduce the effects of self-neglect.


Kelly, A., Dyer, C., Pavlik, V., Doody, R., & Jogerst, G. (2008). Exploring self-neglect in older adults: Preliminary findings of the self-neglect severity scale and next steps. Journal of Geriatric nursing 56(2) 254-259.

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New beginnings: Frameworks that hold evidence




Good morning everyone here is a quote from Plato: You know that the beginning is the most important part of any work expecially in the case of a young and tender thing;for that is the tme in which the charater is being formed and the desired impression is more readily taken (Plato)

The challenge of new ideas can create and contribute to incomplete projects. The solution is in the developmental phases of your idea. Concepts fail and succeed. Deciding to develop a framework that proves solid brings growth  and sustainable which brings success. Plato suggest, ” young and tender thing that is the time in which the character is being formed and the desired impression is ore readily taken”. How to build character in business? It begins with your own beliefs about business. For example, mimicking ethical behaviors that promote honesty integrity and questioning your on beliefs are important beginning frameworks. Pierce suggest four methods in fixing your beliefs: tenacity, authority,priority and reasoning (Houser & kloesel, 1992).

Many business owners today find it difficult to exam their belief systems because it causes one to look beyond the surface. You must look deep in the core of your beliefs to determine how your beliefs developed? What internal and external forces affect your beliefs? And, if there are areas in your belief system that will affect building your business, establishing relationships and helping others become successful. The framework must come from a beginning and identifying the root will begin your new journey.

Lewis, (1942) theory of change provides reliable and valid evidence on how to begin the change process. The theory discussed three key concepts, unfreezing, change and freezing (pp.5). These three steps are the framwork of truths that hold evidence in developing change behaviors. How does one unfreeze old beliefs? Decide to exam the learned behavior, implement the change theory and reject prior learning. This is the unfreezing stage. Idenifying learned behavior must than be rejected (Lewis, 1942).

Change a small word with sudden impact and fear will introduce itself immediately to you. It is both challenging and for some painful. Lets take a car a stick shift gears are implace to make the appropriate shift while driving. Going up a hill you’ll need a gear shift. In change you must shift the way you think, feel and behave (Lewis, 1942). I spoke with a friend the other day one of the challenges shared in the conversation involved a lack of willingness to change. My friend said, “this is the way I’ve always done it,” how do you respond to thinking that challenges successful change? A reasonable person will here themselves speak, an unreasonable person will build strong blocks around there brain and heart. An unreasonable person will not hear anything. Change begins with identifying what needs to be change.

A theoretical concept that promotes truths begins with unfreezing beliefs and prior learnings implementing change process than acting on the change by a freezing process. Thank a popsicle melt it what you see is liquid place it back in the freezer and it will freeze not in the same form or shape. Freezing new way of thinking behaviors and beliefs requires unfreezing change and the refreezing. Developing new ideas, that will set you free to grow and flourish. This process is challenging but the end results are rewarding.



Lewis, K. (1942). Change theory. Retrieved from

Houser, N., & Kolesel, C., (1992). The essential pierce:selected philosphical writing(vol 1)Bloomington.Indiana University Press.

Kritsonis A. Comparison of Change Theories. International Journal of Scholarly Academic Intellectual Diversity; 8:1, 2004-2005.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady

How to keep your love ones safe from falls and injuries


Carolyn Coleman-Grady RN, PHN, BSN,

Fall Prevention:

Aging is difficult for many people. The fear of injuries related to falls is of great concern in the health care industry. Here are a few quick tips to safe proof your home. Remove throw rugs, install night lights in the halls and bathrooms. Keeping pathways clear. Remove cords, and toys from walk ways. Be alert to oxygen tubing. It is important to keep the elderly hydrated. Sometimes the elderly will not drink water because of the constant need to void (urinate). However, when urinary infections develop you will see weakness, confusion and possible falls.

Safe guard your home post emergency phone numbers on the refrigerator and near your cell phone chargers. Be sure to include a family members, neighbor, pastor if applicable, work, cell phone and local police station. Posting the doctors number is also important. To keep your elderly family member in a safe environment safe proof their home.

There are several products for the elderly lifeline, ADT services,, and Alert bracelets.

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The Tribe-En-joy the joy of giving


En-Joy-Oh the joy of giving

Carolyn Coleman-Grady


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En-Joy-Oh the joy of giving

Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.
Mahatma Gandhi
I was reading this quote and fell in love with it. Often time people rendered services which they hate to do.  Many people don’t like to serve.  Rendering your services to others brings joy.  It brings brightness and helps others along their way. I believe people lack understand on joy and can’t remember what joy feels like.  Joy causes you to smile, speak to people, and extend your hand to others.

Today I had lunch with my dad.  My dad is wonderful; he has a wealth of knowledge.  He teaches Bible study.  He shared with me when Paul visited Rome; there were idols of all kind visible.  Paul did not serve them by brow beating them about Christianity but he acknowledged them by saying, “I see your people are very religious.”  This opens the door for dialogue.  He was then able to serve the people and he was received by many.

I believe as business leaders, experts in our field need to take the approach of Paul when dealing with people.  We are serving them, providing a way to make a better life for themselves, and their families by spreading a little joy.  Some people like to hammer their way through the hearts of others this will never work.  A kind gentle heart influences others.  Paul acknowledges people and embraced them.  He did not use harsh tactics, or rude ideologies to persuade.  He used kindness and spread the joy of the Lord to each one he met.  I know many people will think that some people don’t deserve to be served because of their attitudes. But, they really do desire it.  Being hard nose and condescending pushes people away.  Business leaders need to empower, influence, support and guide people.  It is important to promote joy in all that we do.

People are unhappy because they can’t find the answer to their dilemmas.  A business leader  provide strategic planning to assist people who are looking for opportunities.  Honest, real talk not false promises.  The spirit of joy begins with you and it spreads like wild flowers.  The spirit of joy is viral like the internet it is infectious.  Do you possess the joy? I’d like to encourage you to join my blog

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-There is Joy in my heart.

Bill Shea says good bye:Retirement A New Beginning


I’d Like to introduce you to my friend Bill Shea. He is a Veteran A “War Fighter.” He received a Purple heart. He recently retired and Bill Shares his story so the world can see how God blessed him in the mist of adversity. I hope your life is changed by reading and sharing Bill Shea’s Story.

The Man with the Purple Heart

Bill Shea a Veteran “War Fighter”

A Big Thanks To All Of You At

DCMA by Bill Shea


I just want to say goodbye to

those who I did not have a

chance to say goodbye to in

person, and to thank you all on

behalf of the “War Fighter”. I

was there. I was an infantryman in Viet Nam.

I was in combat. I was wounded in action. I

was awarded the Purple Heart. Because of

that experience I know firsthand the

importance of what DCMA does from the

perspective of the “War Fighter”.


My Personal Experience

I was an infantryman in the Big Red One,

Company C, 1st Battalion, First Infantry

division in Viet Nam. On Friday, December

13th 1968, I was sent on a mid-day, 5 man

patrol, to scout the surrounding jungle for

possible enemy activity. The lead man of the

patrol tripped a booby trap which instantly

killed the other 4 men on patrol. I had a

huge gaping wound where shrapnel had struck

my upper left thigh. The wound in my leg

was large enough that I could see that my

femoral artery had been totally severed. I

could see both sides of the artery and could

see the blood pumping out in a pulsating

pattern as the heart pumped the blood. In

order to save my own life I reached in with my

fingers and physically pinched off the artery

to stop the bleeding. I then tied on a

tourniquet and crawled to my weapon in case

there was enemy in the area. No enemy was

present so I propped my leg up in a tree to

help prevent going into shock. I then used

my M-16 rifle to fire shots to signal my squad

to come to my rescue. Help reached me 25

minutes after the original explosion and a

chopper was called in to airlift me to a

medical unit for treatment. I spent several

weeks under medical care in the medical unit

in Viet Nam before stable enough to be moved

to a medical facility in Japan. There I spent

another several weeks undergoing treatment

before being stable enough to be moved back

to Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver,

Colorado. My total hospitalization, before

being medically discharged, was 26 months.

Because of the right products, at the right

place which performed as intended, I survived

my time in Viet Nam. Those products which

were there when needed, were there because

of people like you doing your part in the


Folks, what you do is critical, so keep up the

good work.

So on behalf of all our Warfighters past,

present, and future I would like to thank all in

DCMA for your efforts in providing our troops

the materials they need to confront the

enemy and optimize their odds of coming

home to their families and friends.


Your former co-worker and fellow American,


Bill Shea


Financial Checkup-Have you made an appointment


Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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What is your financial condition?

I can tell you there are days when my financial condition is a mess.  It does not matter if you are young, old, married or single if you don’t get a handle on your finance your condition will decline.

Finance is the art of passing currency from hand to hand until it finally disappears. — Robert W. Sarnof

I thought this quote was fitting. Currency passes from hand to hand until it is finally disappears.  What happens to the residual incomes you receive? Many times it is spent before its deposited into your account. How in the world does this happen.  Are we living beyond our means, are we taking an account of our spending and saving pattern.

I remember growing up and my grandmother would say “baby, always pay yourself first.” She never said how much to pay yourself, but always pay yourself first. This rings in my ear still today. A friend of mind since passed on would say, “I have always put 10 dollars away every time I received money and guest what she retired very early in our working journey.”

Financial condition of many is like fatigue and weakness. Intermittent financial disasters today money coming in and tomorrow the money is going out increasing and causing your condition to decline.  One day financial picture looks wonderful and you take another peak and wow it has declined again.

“Old or young, rich or poor, married or single, it doesn’t matter─ one of the first things we do at the Bach Group after discussing one clients’ values is to figure out their current financial condition” (Bach, 1999).

Figuring out your financial condition is important to the road of healing.  It is difficult to understand and change behavior if you don’t know what is wrong “getting organized is one of the keys to financial security (Bach, 1999)

Getting organized is the challenge for many of us. There are some people who can manage their finances perfectly. I’m not in that category I have to work and work at this every day.  Let say I’m walking unto perfection and I’ll be walking for a long timeJ, improving your financial condition is important.  Just like we have check-ups and annual physicals we need to have a financial checkup.

Make your appointment and get financial healthy you be happy you did I guarantee it.

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Bach, D. (1999). Smart Women finish rich: Broadway, NY: Random House

Carolyn Coleman-Grady-getting in financial shape


Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month


Multiple Sclerosis

A  demyelinating decease

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system)

Multiple sclerosis.          MRI of the brain.              Nerve supply to the pelvis.                 Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.             Myelin and nerve structure.


Multiple Sclerosis affects women more than men

Diagnosed between the age of 20 and 40 but can be seen at any age.

Multiple Sclerosis affects the Myelin sheath which protects the nerves, if damaged it lives the nerve unprotected.  An unprotected nerve signal will slow down or stop.

According to A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia, “The nerve damage is caused by inflammation.  The inflammation occurs when the body’s own immune cells attacks the nervous system” (2012).

The nerve damage is caused by inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the body’s own immune cells attack the nervous system. This can occur along any area of the brain, optic nerve, and spinal cord. Have a

Family history of MS or live in a part of the world where MS is more common.

It is unknown what exactly causes this to happen.  The most common thought is that virus or gene defects, or both, are to blame.  Environmental factors may play a role.  You are slightly more likely to get this condition if

you have family history of MS or live in a part of the world where MS is more common.

The most common symptom is gait and coordination. People with MS are at risk for falls and injuries. Symptoms are may be triggered by fever, hot baths, stress and sun exposure.  It is common for the disease to get

worse without periods of remission.

Muscle Symptoms

• Loss of Balance

• Muscle Spasm

•Numbness or abnormal sensation in any part of the body

•Problems moving arms or legs

• Problems with coordination or small movement

• Problems walking

•Tremors in one or more arms or legs

•Weakness in one or more arms or legs

There are other symptoms that affect the body, bowel and bladder incontinence, leakage, and urgency, it affects your eyes, feelings in hands and finger tips.

One of the most important key points is follow-up, recognizing changes in your body and seeking assistance.  Getting involved with the Multiple Sclerosis society keeping updated on new treatments and research and

Discussing your concerns openly with your doctor and family MS is challenging and can contribute to depression.  It is very important that you have support.  There is information available become an advocate for MS.

Today is MS awareness month how will you become aware?

A.D.A.M. Encyclopedia. Multiple Sclerosis (2012) Retrieved from

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Cup-Come have a cup of Java with me



Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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Faith of our father living still in spite of dungeon and swords, Oh how our heart beats high with joy whenever we hear that glorious word. Faith of our father holy faith we will be true to thee till death. These lyrics come from the song Faith of our father. Many of us have sung this song in past times.  Mother Theresa talks about faith being faithful in the small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Can you imagine your strength lying down in faith and every time you exercise your faith strength wakes up. Building your strength comes in many forms.  There are those who build strength by exercise, pushing themselves and their bodies until they get results.  There are those who power read, and exercise their mind by using critical thinking skill which improve their mental reaction. Sharp thinkers I call them.

Then there are those who want everyone to think for them.  You ask them a question and the reaction you receive is “what, I don’t know.” I wonder why many people don’t like to think?  Is thinking so challenging it runs to the corner and hide.  Let’s go pick up thinking and hold hands until we become one. We have to build our thinking process and not become afraid of the results.  I recently watched an old television series “Dark Shadows” the original version.  There was a dialogue between mother and daughter. They could not seem to see eye to eye.

The daughter became rebellious because she did not want the mother to marry one of the townsmen, she the daughter felt he was not worthy of the mothers hand, so she begin to rebel, dating a rebellious young man who care about nothing.  The young man thought that roaming the world being irresponsible was a way of life and it was ok.  No thought of the future, lacked contribution to society and felt living life as he thought he should is just enough to get by. The question the mother asked “why are you thinking like this, what has come over you, you are smart I don’t know you anymore.”  The daughter response, “I thinking just like you, you never got it right either.”

Wow, I thought, she’s telling her mom “I’m doing exactly what you have done nothing, made bad choices and wondered around in this world thick-headedness. Don’t run around thick-headedness. It will not allow you to think and make the best choice.  If strength lies in faith, as Mother Theresa suggest then exercising a little faith will also promote good thinking too.

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