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Fortune-An encounter with inspiration



Fortune-An encounter with inspiration

Carolyn Coleman-Grady


July 9, 2012

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Fortune-An encounter with inspiration

A man is fortunate if he encounters living examples of vice, as well as of virtue, to inspire him.-H.G. Bohn

Shortcomings mold and shape the direction of our lives tangling our mind and throwing us into a world winds.  Peaking in the window of time opened an encounter of defeat mistrust, and hopelessness while dancing to the music of sorrow, and regret. Once the act has completed hopelessness and mistrust bowing before your eyes awaiting an applause the standing ovation, rendered to these unfortunate acts is meaningless and of no value.  The encounter leaves a spellbound affect staining the thoughts of man.  Rest assures the vice that corrupts can be reset to a fortunate encounter that changes the course and direction of life.

How to change encounters of moral failing into moral excellence

  1. Standards
  2. Ethical principles
  3. Rectitude


Developing quality conduct that inspires and motivates are the foundation for building standards of living.  Ethical principles are also foundational.  Francois de La Rochefoucauld suggested, “Nothing is as infectious as example” (p. 294).  If the standard of living is motivated by appropriate conduct, you image the fun we all would have.  But as life would have it many are motivated by dishonesty, and practices that involve destroying others on a daily basis.  It takes energy to practice unethical principles one would conclude this type of motivation could cause fatigue.  Motivations give energy regardless if it is positive or negative.  It is helpful when we are motivated by encounters that improve and change our lives.

Talmud suggest, “Don’t use the conduct of a fool as a precedent” (p. 295). Although this is a mainstream Judaism it is a foundational principle all can use.  It is important to inspire and motivate by examples.  Living by standards, ethical principle and avoiding known mistakes will help.  Business requires ethical principle and standards that support honesty. Businesses that function under false pretenses are unethical.  Dishonest tactics to promote business is also unethical.  Quality and high excellence are motivating characteristics that promote business. Is the fortune cookie you open directing the principles of life? Has Fortune 500 provided you with tips on business ethics and principles?

Stand on the encounter that inspires and takes your business to the top.

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