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Surpassing good entering a platform of greatness





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Passing good to great

I was recently asked how you move from good to great. I quickly stated, “What do you mean we are great everyone loves us. Do you want to move into excellent? The room became quiet as each of us declares how great we were. The leader posed the question again and this time it caused us to listen. How do you move from good to great? This takes time to evaluate why? Because you must be willing to evaluate strengthens weaknesses organization and trends. Yes, your home base business may be good the clients list is growing and affiliates are working but, there is always room for improvement.

Let’s look at communication how effective are you? What gaps exist within your down-line and up-line? Are you accessible? How many days does it take you to respond to clients? Are you prompted in your responses? What excuses to you use when you’re late with responses? Are you accountable as a leader? Groysberg (2012) suggest, having communication that goes bottom up is just as important as having communication going top up (pp.2). The question becomes where do you see your business in 3 yrs.?

What strategies are in place to improve your business? Re-exam your advertisement strategies venues and platforms is it times to investigate other business platforms? Perhaps adding and expanding will change your businesses growth.  Have you considered video conferencing? Cisco Systems uses video conferencing reaching multiple employees and executives at the same time. This fiber-optic technology “you feel like you are sitting across from these persons (Slind, personal communication, July 23, 2012).

Have you considered teaming up with a business mentor, an expert in the field of business one who understands marketing, advertising strategies, and can point you in the right directions to expose your business. In the upcoming year, exam if your business grow and move upward or slide down the business hip of death. An important business decision should include methods to increase your business growth exponentially, exposure and traffic. Experts recommend looking at your business expenses, evaluate companies that provide similar products and services watch for trends and build a uniqueness that moves you towards a great business. This is the season to remain hopeful preparing the way for a new and exciting venture could move your business from good to great. Wishing you all the best

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady

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Reference: Noble, C. (2012). The power of conversational leaders. Working knowledge the thinking that leads: Harvard Business School. Retrieved from:  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/6876.html


Zynga-Games that Thrill





Zynga-Games that thrill

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Zynga-Games that thrill

The internet has amazing games that all can play from Family Feud to Wheel a Fortune, lucky slots to words with friends what every your pleasure is facebook and Zynga has it. But what about the chances we take with business opportunities? There are so many businesses to choose from. Web links, sites, videos platforms it can all be very confusing. One way to determine what works for you is to assess your need, evaluate time, and investment. Speak with representatives and don’t feel rushed to make a final decision.

The confidence and determination you develop will help you in decision making processes. I salute you for considering an independent business. One of the advantages of building an on line home based business is freedom. The freedom to regulate your day, organize your time with family and friends and still create a lucrative business. Many of the businesses on line require active participation. On line businesses are great and many of them really produce what is advertised. With a positive attitude vision and sticking to the plan your business will grow.

I viewed Cinderella the version with Whitney Houston and Brandi the singer. We all know the story, she dreamed of being loved and taken away from a terrible life of isolation, and ridicule. The one thing she did was dream, want and desire. She had a vision which included a beautiful world of royalty filled with love and pleasures beyond measure. I know sometimes you feel like nothing ever happens in your life that is right it seems dreams are hard to vision, and each road you choose fails. But, don’t give up yet open the book of imagination and flip the page. Develop a new story and break free from inconsistencies.

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
Napoleon Hill
Take a leap of faith, broaden your opportunities and align them with a business that will help you achieve your goals.

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“Measuring enthusiasm”-Yard stick approach


“Willie Mays

Measuring enthusiasm-Yard Stick approach

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

July 1, 2012

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Measuring enthusiasm-yard stick approach

The measure of enthusiasm must be taken between interesting events.  It is between bites that the lukewarm angler loses heart-Edwin Way Teale.

“Measuring enthusiasm” does not take a yard stick.  It takes a steady mind, with massive ideas and one that doesn’t lose “heart.”  When is the last time an interesting event stimulated your enthusiasm? I reached back in the archives and pulled up baseball legion Willie Mays nicked name “The say hey kid.” I wonder between the bites did Willie Mays become lukewarm and lose heart.  He was known as the greatest baseball players MVP, Hall of Fame recipient. Oh what pressure. Measuring up to the demands of the league, fans and family could contribute to lack of enthusiasm.

In our own lives uncomfortable events could trap us into lukewarm actions and we lose heart.  If Willie Mays succumbed to the events of his day his success would fly out right with the home runs of others.  But, he decided in his “heart” not to measure his enthusiasm with a yard because he knew the yardstick measures would end at some point.  Instead, between events he remained true to his dreams, and provided Massive outcomes in home run percentages and runs.

A yardstick measures one yard—36 inches not very long, at the end of the yardstick there is a drop off and the rest is an estimate.  It takes consistence and transportability in the mind to eliminate lukewarm states.  The energy expenditure should demonstrate balance.  Thomas Arnold said, “The difference between one man and another is not mere ability…it is energy” (p. 281).  It took energy for Willie Mays to perform exceptionally and it will take that same energy for you, and I to become successful in business.

How are you measuring your business? Are you lukewarm with limited energy?  Have you decided to give up and quite, join another business perhaps?  How do you measure success? Does your “heart” direct your steps?  Tips to maintain the energy you need to success.

  1. Decide today what are your goals
  2. Begin to plan activities that will make you successful
  3. Observe what others who are successful are doing
  4. Read articles on success stories
  5. Eliminate negative thoughts
  6. Don’t take everything so serious
  7. Don’t think better think Massive
  8. Don’t measure success by a yardstick
  9. Stimulate yourself with a positive outlook
  10. Forget plan “B” make plan A work

—Iver Ball said, “Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.

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I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady—Oh know not a yardstick!

Persevere-Life’s with 3 P’s



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Persevere-Life’s with the 3 P’s

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

June 29, 2012

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Persevere-Life’s preserver persevere 3 P’s

My dad always said, “Follow the 3 P’s “perseverance, persistence, and patience.”  The 3P’s are important to my business, decision-making, and leadership.  Persistence, many people have difficulty in pursuing their business dreams, and as a result they lack persistence.  I remember while waiting for my acceptance to nursing school.  I decided to work at a factor.  The job duties included making the light fixtures for street lights.  Of course it involved a production line.  My particular role included electrical checks. One particular day, the foreman approached me and said, “Carolyn the boss here is very impressed with your work, you have a bright future here, before she continued, I thanked her and said politely “no, I’m a nurse and waiting for nursing school,” She said, “that’s great but you probably want get accepted.”  I smiled and continued my job.  That evening, I’d received a letter of acceptance.  I arrived at work the next morning completed my day, sought the foreman and politely with a smile said, “I thought you should be the first to know, I’ve been excepted in nursing school, I’d like my last day to begin at that time the following Friday.” She smiled and said, “I always knew you would, I wanted you to be persistent.” I laughed and we bided our good byes.
Perseverance the ability to continue moving forward when life’s obstacles blocks moving from one level to the next for example, you decide to join a multilevel marketing business, but you find that investing in yourself becomes challenging, look beyond the challenge see the benefits on the other side.  Pursue the route until an avenue is open.  Right now college students are struggling to remain in school.  Students must persevere. Look for other ways to complete college.  During down time take a few classes on-line.  Check for extension courses keep your mind stimulated don’t focus on “why me” pity parties are so boring.  Perseverance persistence and patience will lead us to success.

Patience this is an area that many of us have difficulty with.  Patience’s requires daily attention.  Patience exercises may be implemented by observing your daily activities.  Yesterday, I went to the DMV the lines were long and this was a test of patience I could see impatience’s so clearly people were anxious, agitated and frustrated.  Of course we all need to exercise patience on a daily basis. It is required even in network marketing, and recruiting.

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I’m Carolyn Coleman-Grady