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How to keep your love ones safe from falls and injuries


Carolyn Coleman-Grady RN, PHN, BSN,

Fall Prevention:

Aging is difficult for many people. The fear of injuries related to falls is of great concern in the health care industry. Here are a few quick tips to safe proof your home. Remove throw rugs, install night lights in the halls and bathrooms. Keeping pathways clear. Remove cords, and toys from walk ways. Be alert to oxygen tubing. It is important to keep the elderly hydrated. Sometimes the elderly will not drink water because of the constant need to void (urinate). However, when urinary infections develop you will see weakness, confusion and possible falls.

Safe guard your home post emergency phone numbers on the refrigerator and near your cell phone chargers. Be sure to include a family members, neighbor, pastor if applicable, work, cell phone and local police station. Posting the doctors number is also important. To keep your elderly family member in a safe environment safe proof their home.

There are several products for the elderly lifeline, ADT services,, and Alert bracelets.

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