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Skills and Confidence-How to bridge them together



Carolyn Coleman-Grady


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July 31, 2012


Skills and Confidence-How to bridge them together


Skills and confidence is an unconquered army. –George Herbert


How does one develop skills and confidence in communicating and developing relationships?  The aim of this blog is to discuss appropriate engaging through the written word with others.  It is easy to become vulnerable to content posted on a daily bases.  There are various levels of experience in writing each level brings unique information.  Level one it is important to introduce yourself.  Engaging with others takes time.  Sharing short post about you allows the readers to get to know you. It could include hobbies, interest, family fun times and even life experiences.


What I have found in reading many blogs and post, is people don’t engage the reader.  Readers like to imagine, dream and place themselves in the content.  The skills of a writer begin with skillful creativity. You may say, “But I’m not an expert writer, nor am I. I like to place my thoughts on paper, create situations that illicit discussion after all we all love the comments others post on our written blogs. There is a blog, I love to follow, it is informative, exciting and it creates a dream of traveling. The blogger is customtripplanning   http://acustomtripplanning.com/ Today she posted a blog on Road Warrior A cycling experience.  This is a blogger to follow. As I read her blog, I imagined the bike cycling I thought about skills and confidence.


A cyclist possesses skills, strong legs, respiratory system, endurance and a will to compete.  Now I know we have people who love to ride a bike, but these cyclers have a compassion for cycling. Check out her blog when you have a moment. This blogger has received blog awards.  The skillful writing of customtripplanning will bring you joy.  A reader will always find that one sentence or word that pops right out and brightens their day.  Blogging is fun, it takes practice. Write on topics that interest you. Begin your journey.  Writing is a skill and confidence comes over time.  Write every day. Watch your stores unfold.  Fear will create a block but hit those keys anyway.  Dream, focus and write. You will find your niche and others will follow.


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Follow-up The Fortune is in the follow-up






Follow-up-The Fortune is in the follow-up

Carolyn Coleman-Grady

Better Web Builder

Follow-up-The Fortune is in the follow up

Building people will build your business. Network marketing is about relationship.

1. Follow up signals that you care

2. Signals realism

People believe you are interested in them. Staying connected is important. If you start something why not finish it. It is important to follow up with new people that join your business. In order to grow in the business it is a sense of community. If there is no follow up there is no teamwork.

It is not just a welcome call this is important to connect with the new people, it is like a baby you must touch it, hold it and make it feel you care. Connecting with your people is important to building relationships. As they go to the developmental stages it is important to stay connected. It is important to follow up continually. As a sponsor or responsibility is to stay, teach and grow the person up until they can become a leader and teacher. Business is personal growth you cannot help that growth until you grown yourself.

The life line call is getting them to other team member, up-line, get them on the webinar so they can see the business, meet others and see the bigger picture. It is important to see what is going on. Let them know what is going on. You must point and share them in the right direction

People must be connect to the business getting the business in you comes through constant contact, support, and follow up with people. This is what brings success. When they can be successful without you then you have been successful in this business.

Connection, continue to connect with your people, being available to assist them in growing their business. Stay engage with them, after every happening with every action stay connected. Congratulate them on every action that occurs. Be a fan of your people.

The most important action you can take is connection and follow-up. Don’t wait do it now. Someone turns to gold, signed someone up follow up applaud their efforts. Applauding in public makes your people feel great. Applaud their efforts in public it builds confidence it makes them feel like a team if feels great.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? It motivates, up lift by recognizing your peers today. Applaud your affiliates publically and acknowledge their hard work in your business. I applaud my up-line today Mr. Kenneth Wayne Carter always there any time of the day ready to answer or direct me to the appropriate people to answer my questions. He has guided me in this business to help me grow it this business. I solute you today thank you.

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Carolyn Coleman-Grady-Follow up the Fortune is in the Follow up

why- why- why not you, and why not now?